December 24th, 2006


Sunday, December 24

I've been thinking about... you! :)

~ just stuff... plan on a scruffy day... for the first
~ cleaning and stuff...
~ then later? we're having a christmas eve "christmas" at my MIL's house with Suz's family. :)
~ you a very happy christmas eve day.
~ and if you don't celebrate christmas... have fun anyways. :)


When we first started building this house... I began dreaming of hosting a Christmas dinner. :)
Tomorrow is going to be ... lovely.

~ must get going. :) Lot's to do on a 'scruffy day'. :D

twas the night before...

nuzzled together on the sofa...
George elected to read "Twas the night before christmas" this year.
Then... all four of us took turns reading a page of Santa Calls (William Joyce)... the best christmas book ever!
... and from there, to laying out the cookies...
and two boys tucked away.

At my in-laws tonight,
celebrating christmas with a big ham dinner,
there was a random tacky gift exchange with much humour...
and a gift giving thing for the children.
I sleepily watched, sipping my coffee, as DVDs, gift cards, and the like...
were unwrapped with endless torrents of "thank you thank you" everywhere.
When it was done, and I slipped into the kitchen for a coffee refill...
I turned to find Edward waiting for me so he could quietly explain...
that he thought I looked sad because I wasn't a kid
and therefore hadn't had a gift to unwrap.
So he gave me a remarkably long hug,
An uncharacteristic kiss on the cheek,
and he told me he wanted me to have the shopper center gift card he had received.
I demurred, pronounced my endless love for him and told him we would go and shop for a lovely treat sometime with that card.

These are the moments ...
that cannot be undone by time or circumstance,
etched by diamonds across my heart.

~ now it's time for making turkey stuffing and a few last minute wrappings. :)