December 22nd, 2006


Friday, December 22.

Christmas is for schemers... :D

Well, when I tried to do a 'morning post' earlier... lj and maybe my net connection were all about the process of driving me nutz... so I bailed and went on to have a b-b-b-busy day. :) Lazy morning but a hustle afternoon. Mother nature... the crack whore that she is... is depositing freezing rain on the universe... and reeking havoc across the city. It some ways... it's worse that a big ass snow storm... because you generally have enough sense to stay out of a huge storm. Rain? Na... "how bad can it be?" ... and the road is a sheet of glass. "k'smash" is todays official sound byte. Not for mr. snow tires... although I did slide across that glass at one point.

Lots of shopping. Picked up things that have been on order... came home to find that *gasp* the Lego "special order" had arrived and was leaning up against our front door. (we were soooo jonesing over this arriving in time!!) I slopped back a couple of good coffees on my travels (home despot, costco, home sense, bank, sport mart, then home again...) and I was doing the car-bound-pee-pee-dance for return voyage! Mix that with the freezing rain... and I was a stress ball.

But I'm home with no new dents or dings... and with a quick project on the books (installing a new chandelier in the dining room) and making a chinese fondue for dinner. Gonna bake batch number three of kifli... and make more dough for another batch in the oven tomorrow night. (we give a lot of kifli away).

~ new green ftls... ohsocomfy
~ p-z jeans
~ something red.
~ driving driving driving...
~ spending spending spending...
~ sliding sliding sliding...
~ home again safe and sound. :)
~ for the dailymom's little one to find his center and stay all healthy over christmas...
~ that justvisiting gets haunted by the ghost of christmas present... soon. :)
~ and that bosox and his wee family get to put the Hammer behind them.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday dear tara... (burntflowers) and I hope all is well out west... beyond the banks of so much snow... and that happiness is your constant companion this year.
Happy birthday to a very absent dorkgirl. I hope you're a happy Rhonda. :)
and... a very happy birthday to a sweet girl that deserves... a whole lot more than life is giving her. Little lynners... (lynspin) I hope, with all of my heart, that this is a year of discovery, and answers for you, and that you pass it with a firm grip on healthy! I look forward to our continued connection.

There are only two rules for a christmas holiday;
1. Play safe.
2. Be kind.
Sticking to that program... is a sure fire way to find yourself in 07 with a smile on your face. :)

See ya...