December 21st, 2006


Thursday, December 21

ps. trying to get my host to upload the new thursday...

Ok... now I'm starting to worry about my turkey.
Well... not really... but I mean... It's like 3 freaking degrees out side (celcius). My fresh, free range, 25 lb turkey is in the cold storage room downstairs and it better be fricking cold in there. (will check later... if I kill the entire christmas dinner crowd... they'll not likely come again next year... :D)

I have a lovely, white, milled, table leg in the trunk of my car. I keep it there because it increases the odds that at some point in my life, for good or ill, the newspaper story will include the line "...and he beat them off with a table leg".

~ blue ftls
~ nice clean - fresh out of the dryer - pz jeans.
~ old gray t... built for comfort today. :)
~ up ... to the school... and get groceries... (I was out of pastry flour! gah!)
~ make kifli dough...
~ shower, clean up
~ go to school... pick up Geo, meet suz and Ed at theater... and watch "Charlot's Web" this afternoon. :)
~ after that? no plans... but lots to do.
~ must put the insulation back in the walls and staple the vapor barriers back down...
~ must ... relax and enjoy a thursday night. :)
~ for phej ... to remember to be nice to the dentist or at least save the negative stuff ... till after he's done drilling!
~ that mousieo has a lot'sa luck with that flushing plan...
~ and to just send some energized squeezes out to teasdale

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little miss tink. :) (thinktink) May the year ahead bring you big texas style love from all directions.!
and Happy birthday to Mel... mellusions, I hope you enjoy your day and a year of good health ahead. :)
!!! and a very special happy birthday to lil'angela (indianasweetie) .... special because, this year I get to wish for you to have a whole lot more of what's going right in your life... and not a wish for things to get right! :) Have a wonderful year sugar-sweetie.

~ about World of Warcraft.
This is part of Geo's christmas package... he's loving the game... because we bought a $1.99 dvd at future shop with a 2 week trial on it.
So far so good. We've watched him play and we've lost our worry about the game.
Now the question is... should we be buying the original "warcraft" box game or is there some kind of a revision / current edition / this years model of the game we should be getting now?

must fly... so much to do... so little leisure time to do it in. :)

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Ok... maybe it's me... my pc, or my net connection, but Lj is really messing up the land of cookies tonight. Every time I try to reply to something... it's nothing but frustrating error pages.

Dear Lj.
Please fix thyself ...

That Charlots Web movie... was adorable.
Bring kleenex :)