December 20th, 2006


Wednesday, December 20.

A wee bit late in the day huh... hardly any wednesday left at all...

I have to say... I missed you today.

~ a tired blurry look...
~ on going to be bed soon... so tired. !!
~ that, when I read my fp's, I see a lot of people having a great day!!

I was all about being busy today.
Up and doing the morning rituals with the boys at break-neck speeds... because we all slept in - quite by accident... no really. :)
Then... home from that to get showered and ready for the day...
turn around and drive the east end of town to get my buddy Jay...
meet my brother back at our house and then?
Spend the entire day going bonkers in the basement.

We got almost all of the electrical done...
moving the furnace switch,
adding light switches,
putting in junction boxes for what will one day be pot lights... :)
adjusting the location of the dedicated circuit for the stereo / theater stuff,
putting in groove-station conduit-things to move speaker, et. al., wires from here to there... building a box around the power panel...
... so much to do... it's a huge project... huge.