December 19th, 2006


Tuesday, December 19

Headache. Advil...

Ok... so far today... today being December 19th... we've had ... dark and overcast... then we had flurries... which turned into big ass blowing snow flip out... That ended, and we had "chilly and clear". Now? Temps going up to plus 5 and the sun is brilliantly shining. Mother nature has been hooked up to some kind a machine that is messing with her addled brain. Give it up you crack ho!!! The woman has gone mad I tell you... totally mental.

The area on the far western tip of Martha's Vineyard is called Aquinnah. It used to be called Gay Head...
Can't imagine why a bunch of inconceivably rich white folks would lobby for that name change.

~ green ftls
~ beige jeans
~ maroon t and a gray sweater
~ up early... earlier than normal... advil!
~ get everyone ready and we all - suz and I with the boys - head to the school.
~ meet with the school principal to deliver a letter and have some talk about stuff at school that is causing some issues with our Ed. (more on this... later)
~ home ... more advil. Hot pack on the back of my neck...
~ working on IP ... and when the day ends... DONE TILL '07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ write about Survivor later...
~ to thank the folks who filled me in on the reunion show... especially lostinjersey. I downloaded a torrent of the show (finally) but his review pretty much hit every high point. :)
~ to smile at bulvai and bramey... as they find a connection from their pasts that ... shrinks an impossibly big world.
~ for there to be a little something special in the days that unfold for ladymeg1... just'cuz.
~ to spike the ball to dinkydo
~ and that gigglecam enjoys the new wee bit of fur that's running around her digs. :)

.... and once again, two birthday notices that showed up when I logged in to my client... have since vanished. so... no birthday wishes for you!! :) (but you can have soup!)

If I could touch you...
I would touch your face.

Trace the lines of your love,
And feel the pull of your lips.

To reach for you...
To bring my fingers to your cheek...

If I could touch you,
And not see you pull away.

k, time to go. :)

Survivor XIII Update!!

Survivor XIII: Race Wars

The Finale, aka "Pack Yer Bags White Boy

Where in... we get a nice reminder of what nut job that Billy guy was, endure the "fast forward'able" walk of fame thing, get two outstanding challenges, and the most pathetic moment in the tie-breaking-history of the world.

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