December 17th, 2006


Survivor XIII Update!!

Survivor XIII: Race Wars

The Pavarti Show

Where in... little miss cup cake-gets to "eat it too". It’s all about Jeff convincing the producers to let him write the script again... "Let’s see, can we get Parviti to slather herself in mud? What about a hot tub? Moaning through a massage would be good...

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Sunday, December 17

No seriously... aint I cute with ma glasses... hahaha... I have three pair... and I think I need like three more. I never EVER remember to bring them with me when I leave the house... (le sigh) and I always always need them (to read anything closer that two feet away - except computer screens, strangely enough).

Geo asked if he could have MSN today... sigh.

I got massive amounts of work done yesterday... with drywall in the basement... and my back? is KILLING ME... I'm a walking "moan machine". :) Furr of the dog today... gotta whole bunch more to do. :)

~ stuff... same ol'work'en clothes... ripped up jeans, a b.u.m. t (easily the best made T-Shirts I've ever owned, btw) and a smile
~ busy sunday... up early because my back is fricking killing me,
~ play with the kids, put up curtain rods, put a mirror... go to Chapters to get a book from Ed to mom...
~ cut more drywall... cut and place... cut and place... :)
~ just to send a smile out to wingswithwar
~ that redfenix manages to loosen things up enough to ... relieve herself.
~ for some sweet relief to find teasdale too... just a somewhat different sort of "relief".
~ to make a big deal out of [ :: Young Chefs Academy :: ] - Do you remember Amy-of-the-brilliant-smile? (jaggedpill) ... She's got herself a franchise and life seems to be grand for that girl. Go you.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to clumsy_me... and while I know I've not had the chance to get to know you better... I do know you're a teacher and that you have a heart of gold. And that's all I need to know to believe in my heart that you deserve to have a wonderful birthday. May the year ahead keep you healthy, happy, and surrounded by friends. :)
And a birthday wish to someone... whom I hope is off finding her way through the jungle of her relationships. Happy birthday zenblossom62 and may this year... bring you closer to your little one, and a little more control over the world around you. I miss you sugar... and I do hope you are doing well. :)

Video Cards
I'm at it again... trying to help out a friend... NVIDIA or ATI. Who is going to be the winner for the mid-range ??? I'm talking about the 200 - <300$ range. (canadian dollars). The goal is games. Direct x compat and vista compat.

This is chocolate! The idea was to skewer fruit and dunk it in the chocoloate. I just used the laddle to pour a half cup of it over my brownie. I'll eat fruit next week. :)

We went to zebra's staff christmas party on Friday night. It's an organization that provides social services to our community... it's 100% women. So all of them, and their partners... (a few are even men!!) get together and ... have fun! :)
I am the keeper of the santa pillow for a year... It's used in the "all line up, and play pass the pillow with your knees" game and each year the winner takes santa home... It was tres fun... silly, but fun. There was singing, dancing and lots and lots of chocolate. LOTS. :)

Oh please please please... does somebody have that Green Day / U2 "The saints are coming" song on mp3? Hmmmm

~ Thank you sugar-jen. :)