December 15th, 2006


Friday, December 15

OMG!!! I was sooooo flipping tired last night.
We sat down to watch Survivor... and it's kinda dorky, but I sit there with a folded up sheet of paper scratching out notes and quotes for the "survivor updates" like a rapper cribben out a stanza on a subway... and I fell in and out of sleep through most of the show. I'll have to watch a "refresher" today. :) No, but anyways... I TOTALLY passed out after the show... Suz went to play more maple story... then crashed... and me? I sat sitting up on the sofa till 3:30 ... (geo woke up for his every-single-night sneak into our bed, and had to come downstairs and get me. :D)

Today is all about gray and ... not snowing. The boys are convinced it's gonna be a green christmas. I'm not sure they're wrong, but I'm still hoping for a snow fall before the sleigh visits.

~ green ftls
~ black cargos
~ gray t and brown turtleneck... which feels as though it's gonna be too hot... we'll see how long it lasts. :)
~ trip to the other end of the city (sigh) to the company offices there...
~ working on a bit of IP this afternoon...
~ to write up survivor! :)
~ enjoying a friday night... :)
~ to shout out to kendokamel who has been a lovely and sharing journal friend... for ever!! May the Earl always please you.
~ that sylvidoptera leaves the axes at home... locked up.
~ and for my friend, kimberly27616 to get through today... Hugs... many hugs kimbers...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a beautiful young woman, who has spent the last seven years impressing me with he witt, he capacity for love and her capability as a woman and a mother... no matter how you slice her (ewww?) Nikki is a wonderful little gardenbum... Happy birthday wolfiegirl

Radio man... talking from some "ain't we just the smartest" place in England... "We have to squash it!" and "Are we willing to live in terror or should we act?". His subject... the war in Afghanistan.

Please be alert to such logic loops of pathetic stupidity as you march through the mess of popular news media. What he's saying is that we have a simple choice... Defeat terrorism or leave Afghanistan. Read that again. And again... Was there a memo to the GLOBAL TERRORISM NETWORK calling them all to Afghanistan to be defeated there? The taliban is all through north africa... and elsewhere... let alone the other groups that have been identified as terrorist organizations. If we expunge Afghanistan from the globe... will we suddenly be free from terrorism?

Or... will we have a) made a whole lot of new enemies... including the orphaned children of the men we have slaughtered and b) isn't it more likely that any pending victory in Afghanistan will be met with a mass exodus of the people we're hunting for to go live and work in Pakinstan and other parts?

Besides... exactly what constitutes a victory over terrorism? Are we going to americanize every corner of Afghanistan? Or perhaps just carpet bomb them endlessly? Or are we going to keep on getting killed as we scoot around playing saviors in an unwelcome land?

Afghanistan is a joke... a bad joke... and we're the suckers that keep falling for it.

ps. I just up'd this to YouTube... patience while they approve it. :D

Time to git!!! :)

Have a grand Friday. :D

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Brought to you by Speed Pass

They're off... out of Spain, into France, and bunching up all over the place as they head into the final challenge. It’s money time for either the cleaning ladies, the ex-druggies or the dysfunctional slash retarded couple.
(ps. sorry it took forever... :D)

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