December 14th, 2006


Thursday, December 14

I am on your screenz... eating your fonez....

These little black techno marvels... do not know how to shut up. ring ring ring... or vibe vibe vibe... (as the case may be).

? is it thursday already? geez... when you're little, time stretches on to infinity around christmas... when you're on the other side of young... time seems to compress.

Yesterday was a b-b-busy day. Worked on "slash" in the basement from morning... till morning. Very long day and night, with much coffee and some pizza. :) We added four more circuits, switches, more outlets, separate circuits for the theater equip (- hey, I'm dreaming of the day!) and separate circuits for the freezer and my imaginary "little" fridge in the theater room... We even got some dry wall up... just enough to assure my reno-god that I wont screw everything up by doing some drywalling on my own. :)

~ gray ftls
~ beige jeans... (like that makes any sense)
~ and a blue t...
~ oh, and a smile. :)
~ re-write of stuff I finished two days ago due to a change in requirements... sigh. "Hurry up and start over" gah!
~ trying not to be toooooo relaxed. :)
~ my boss finds a big contract opportunity for our team in Hawaii while he's on vaca with his family!! :)
~ that the universe would cut ldy a little slack with this whole... pc-fix thing.!
~ for angryvixen to find her way back to better health... and be quick about it... less than two weeks till santa!
~ to congratulate dinkydo ... on opening a door... and stepping through.
~ and for ginger_g to find what she's having trouble holding on to... and a little eye contact.

I find it ... disquieting to see women with millions upon millions in the bank on Oprah complaining that Hollywood is sick and twisted because it doesn't keep giving good roles to women over 40. Do you not have enough money yet? Are we all supposed to "want" you on the big screen because ... um... because why again? And the up-and-comers... should they all just wait till you're done subjecting us to you? I mean... heaven forbid the studios only put out stuff that people want to see... clearly it's more important for them to give you more parts so you can roll around in your money some more and get another face lift trying to look... thirteen again. It may be twisted that the general public wants to see younger, and attractive women in movies and television... and even though there have been great strides in presenting a more even view of what real women look like... there is still a social bias towards stereotypical beauty. Gosh... strange eh. And look at evil Hollywood... just pandering to it.

note: a stunningly HUGE slide-of-wet-ice just rumbled over head and fell off the roof in from on my desk window. Kinda trippy. Scared the cat. :) If this ice had landed on you... you would be squished and dead. I need signs with 16 point fonts posted around the house that say "danger, if you can read this you are going to die from ice crushing." ... although that's a pretty long sign. I could get one that say's "danger, pull my finger" instead.

ps. the office just called to say I won a lap top (again) in the annual "evergreening our technology" employee raffle. I wonder if the battery on it will work. (edit: note, these are olllllllld laptops. Not impressive here, just fun to see if it's gonna be any good. :)