December 13th, 2006


Wednesday, December 13

And so begins another day of sweat and toil!
Jay and I are basement bound for the day and evening... working on more electrical... some "bulk heads" and maybe... just maybe... some drywall. :)

it's a gray and rainy day... good day to be working with the window open and dreaming of a job that will one day... be done!

~ old ripped jeans
~ strong bad t (kind of appropriate that I wear it today, kimbers)
~ and a hammer.
~ quick trip to Home Despot!
~ rest of day, and night... in basement with best friend - aka. renovation diety.
~ you're read the next bit....

A friend... nortacon, passed away last night.
He was - once upon a time - married to another of my lj friends.
They have both been to our house ... twice I believe... and spent the night... shared our table and our good friendship.
He was a marvellously smart man... who was challenged by things that proved too difficult to handle, and those things were his undoing.
I only knew the smallest slice of his life... and I'm sure that he was, as we all are, more complicated than I would ever have known.
However, he had a pleasant way about him... he spoke with kindness and wasn't afraid of a big goofy hug between friends.
Keith... may you rest in peace, and find your here-after to be a place with endless bandwidth.
I'm sorry life failed you.

Just say'en... tis a sad thing.