December 12th, 2006


Tuesday, December 11.

Last night... among other little project things... I finished all the damn painting on the doors and the trim. Purrrcy is lucky to not be covered in paint... she was totally at my feet through the whole process. I'll put the knobs back on later and see who they look. :D

So this morning z and I took geo to an ultrasound appointment. All his "organs"... as part of an ongoing gastro investigation to sort out some ouchi stuff with our little guy. We (he included) watched his little heart beating in 3-d real time. It was amazing... especially for him. Oh, and the sono tech showed us detailed imaging of George's spinal column... wow-to-the-max. Note: he found nothing unusual... except - as we expected - an abundance of gas. Geo... can't burp. You cannot imagine how this was as an infant baby... trying to burp him in the middle of the night... pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat ... ahhhhhh!

That was over by lunch, he was back at school and I am back in the saddle... er... on a sofa, with my laptop on ... my lap (actually on one of those "board trays" you get for place settings at a table? Makes a great "keep your legs from burning" and general surface for the laptop-lap thing. I have a maddening amount of work to get through today... but, it's getting there. :)

~ the knitted brow of someone who is thinkthinkthinking way too much.
~ on finishing three deliverables today... sigh
~ switching to stupid glide when deliverable three is done...
~ possibly watch something on the box tonight... still have BSG in the tank... six (SIX) Gray's Anat, and a few sundry shows waiting...
~ cleaning up in the basement... in anticipation of a big work day tomorrow.
~ to point out that I've known nbbmom (albeit, a cyber sorta "know") for over seven years... and I've never seen that girl so darn happy. :) (Wonderful!!)
~ that lalaland connects with her pal... (hopes for the best!!)
~ I had a magic ipod-creating wand to wave at pixiecup...
~ and to smile at jethro, imaging him shedding a complete Nicole Ritchie.
Birthday moments...
Happy birthday boogierock and ... I want an update from the letterman show!!!!! May you enjoy this years celebration and find yourself in the path of love all year long.
And yumikid... have a wonderful birthday sugar. May this next year ... bring you... to the path you desire most.

George is going to freak when he comes down on xmas morning. :)
Now we're worry'en out how we will get edwards 8 year old self to feel his own excitement... he'll have lovely and wonderful gifties... but we need a "wow" moment to off set the total freak out Geo will be having. If this sounds ridiculous to you... you don't have two children.

You don't need to know you're beautiful.
I'll take care of that.
You don't have to change a thing for me,
and I will always love you.
All you have to do, is let me.

See ya. :)

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5:18 and i'm done.

making burgers for dinner... and making kifli dough with Geo, the mucking about in the basement.

I am in such a good fricking mood right now, it's prol'y illegal in several countries.
I think we're focusing on a little star wars (not so little!) for the Ed wow factor... er I mean, the Lord Vader wow factor. :)

Booking the kids into ski lessons (ski for Ed and Board for Geo - although he doesn't know it yet... that's part of his xmas prezzi...:D) for five weekends starting Jan 6, and then I'm hoping we'll be taking a ski trip somewhere... perhaps gray rocks again.

I'm getting that christmas vibe... I can feel it way down deep inside.
Just a small smile that seems to be waiting to fill in all the blanks between the things my face has to do. :)

I hope yer having a good one. :)

ps. was just responding to a "what's yer fav song" question... I came up with,

fav obscure: Oxygen by Jean-Michel Jarre
fav contemporary: Across the Universe (beatles) performed by Fiona Apple (soundtrack to Pleasantville)