December 11th, 2006


Monday, December 11

Wake up... roll out of bed... dragged a comb across my head...
Ok... no comb. It is a mad mop right now... but I toss my mop in the shower when I get up. :)

It's a gray, snowy, rainy, warm, yet cold, all mixed up day and it started with me running down the laneway with the recycle bin in my arms to get it across the street... because they've already been by our side of the street.

We had my MIL over for dinner last night... fed her lamb. baaaaa. It was wonderful... but I don't really think I'm a huge fan. Honestly, I'd rather a juice pork chop or a little sirloin steak. Ps. I love my kitchen.. omg... I cannot imagine how we managed without a pantry before. Pantry = good.

~ green ftls...
~ blue jeans
~ blue t and p-z sweater... old chaniel... almost see-through. :)
~ up early... school with the boys... chit chat with the principal...
~ home again scoot!! big freak out morning trying to absorb stacks of reports on a new client we're doing a big "bid proposal" for...
~ work work work... and finish the basement doors tonight. I'm doing, like... three coats on each door.
~ crazy time to be off contract... what with the xmas freeze out coming... there's very little new business is contracted at xmas - so ... it's all about internal projects with vast expectations on people to squeeze... 35 hours out of the day. sigh.
~ maybe get to watch battlestar tonight...
~ maybe put a few words down about the pathetic ending of AR... geez!!!
~ to send big "congrats" out to willedit!!! You clearly earned this. :)
~ to send a few words of hope out to lynspin for her brother and his friends...
~ and to tell mscantbwrong that things ... need to slow down. Let something good hold on for a bit...

My aggravation d'jour? Kids in grade school. Personally... I'm all for taking little Billy's parents to court and suing their asses off because they're busy raising a little bastard who will likely be a burden on society if he's allowed to live. Wouldn't that be a nice turn-around on the whole over-the-top contemporary crap about little hellions suing teachers and other parents for looking at them funny (true story: grade three teacher, career in toilet because she put her hand on the shoulder of the kid that was misbehaving to escort him from the line he was disrupting - and shame on the judges that let this crap happen). A nice rash of law suits that drag the shit heads through the dirt instead of it always being the other way around.

off to buy Geo's xmas prezzi... he's going to flip his snodgras... what ever a snodgras is. He'll be a wee bit happy. :)