December 8th, 2006


Friday, December 8

Very nice... it's beautifully sunny and not so horrible cold... just a beautiful December day.

You know... you don't have to go too far to find someone
saying something that sounds a lot like they're having
trouble finding their own personal christmas spirit. This
is sad... You're allowed to be stressed. Life is stressful.
You're allowed to be down... We all go there sometimes.
But you're also allowed to say "up yours" to the stuff
that chaps your ass and make the time to smell a rose
or two. Christmas isn't about god, or presents or snow
or big dinners... Christmas is about letting yourself find
the time to be ... better... to be ... kinder... for a little
bit. Sorta like trying on a shoe and seeing if you like the
way it feels. You know the size is right... but ... you
wont know how it feels... whether or not you can take
it on a daily basis... until you've slipped it on and taken
a walk.

Find the time to try a little christmas spirit on and take a walk.
You may just find the shoes fit... just fine. :)

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans
~ blue t
~ crazy fricking day!!!
~ early dentist appointment for a "consult" on having an implant... and I gotta say... SCREW THAT NOISE.
~ conference call that went on for fricking hours...
~ and now I'm struggling to get some web updates done for boss man big.
~ I was not so stupid busy.

... k... gotta split.

Enjoy your friday. :)