December 7th, 2006


Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Oh Yippeee

They're off... and racing towards the final three. Two bitchy black cleaning ladies, a couple of emo tard’s blabb’en on about being ex-drug addicts, the dysfunctional, well neigh freaking-retarded couple that alternate between profession their undying love and wishing one another dead, and the “were once pageant girls, and still have the teeth to prove it” dates scramble around Casablanca. Only three avoid the tacky piano accompaniment to their Pitt Stop arrival.

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Thursday, December 7

Off to lala land (downtown) for a very early morning meeting... and a full day of sitting in a classroom.
I plan on consuming wwwwway too much coffee. :)

~ gray ftls
~ gray trousers
~ shirt and sweater... layer boy is heading for a classroom... must be ready!
~ 8:00 am meeting with boss and bosses boss...
~ 9:00 meeting with a room full of people taking a full day course in a doc management system for work...
~ hit home depot on the way home for some hooks and stuff... (to finish more christmas light things... pictures... coming)
~ and chill... oh, survivor too I think.
~ I get to surf from the office at lunch...
~ I don't pass out in the course... (ar ar ar)
~ to smile more at dotcombabe... with her picture in the paper and all... :) (now get healthy!!)
~ and that thisismostlyme catches a break!

I have got... got got got... to get snow tires.
note to self: call parker... make appointment.

busy day ahead... !
I hope yours goes great...

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So... I get all up and at'em at the crack this morning,
and head on out in the slippery white to get to a gawd-awful early morning meeting.
My laneway was a nice wake up to just how slippery slidery things are when the sun is just getten go'en.

Now we lives out in the country ... see... an'just so you know,
there's four kinds a'road in the country.
There's yer country road, well 'nuf... got lots of those.
Then you got the main roads...
Those connect up wit da main main roads... were ya seem ta have a plethora of dump trucks, and dick and janes doing their commute.
And to get inta the city proper like, you gots ta take the main main till it connects up wit da main main main road.

So I drive's up the main road outta our community and it meets the main main in a full on T.
Nots like it made any matter any how... cuz my little zoom zoom just goes a cruizing right on in and right on through that T.
Tromping away on the peddles, crunching tin foil in the ABS system, turning the wheel... all fer nutten.
Oh, and acrosst the T? Yeah... that's a gully.
Sweet mother of mercy... I've had a long life, and every wee spit of it did the big flash.
I was all focused on the oh-my-good-gah-no-crrrrrrap!! over the gully loomen up on my everythin when the whole dump truck thing occurs to me.
Twas terror and nutten but what made me take the paniced peek ta da left and and the right... fear'en the worse, and - thank heaven - see'en not.
... and chance as would be, it all came to a sideways stop with a whole bunch of feet between me an da bottom of dat gully.
I opened my door and would have to step out into that gully if'n I was ta do any getten out at all.
Thank the wortcher in the sky... I was a) not squashed and b) not cry'en about a broken car.

When I regained the use of my heart, and confirmed that I hadn't jus wet the car...
an managed to creep away from the gully edge... I was on the flippy phone to Mr. Snow Tires and book'en in for tomarra afternoon.


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six hundred and ninety five stupid little l.e.d. lights...
want to trim the entire house... all the dormers... but that'll have to wait for next year. :)