December 6th, 2006


Wednesday, December 6


Woke up with a sole crushing headache at... like 5:00 am.
Took some advil... and at 7:30, when I should have been
up with the boys... I was praying for death and wishing I
did not have to get up!
It's noon'ish now... and ... it's a bit better... so now I only
sorta wish I was dead.

We finished off this season of Weeds last night. Holy drama!
Mostly, though, last night was characterized by my realization
that I had to move... (oh the irony) one of the new doors I
installed, over two inches. Long story, has to do with making
door trim look right. Sigh.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ black t and a warm sweatshirt. :)
~ nurse my sore fricking head...
~ try to get through my goals today with the boss...
~ did I mention "nursing my head"? I wanna go to bed... gah!
~ to send big congratulations out to willedit!!!
~ for nbbbmon to feel loads better... at least by Sunday night!
~ and that nutmeg... has a great book to read!

There are pheasants in my back yard.
I was watching them walk around in the snow...
And I realized...
Pheasants are pretty much just chickens
That had their feathers done by
Renaldo, at the Spa.

must go and take more advil...

not a bang on happy day in the land of me.
but ... like most crummy things... this will pass.


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I can't get anything done.
well, ok I got a little done...
but I'm well and truly in agony... so screw it all.
I'm going to bed.

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~ back from the dead.

Spent from that last update till 6:00 in bed letting a pair of motrim (motrum?) kick in.
It wasn't a migraine... those are a whole other kettle of fish, and ... AND I can take an imitrix and expect it to abate within an hour.
This baby? This headache kicked my ass all fricking day long. Not fun.

Now I'm way behind on some work... haven't re-hung that door... and wishing like mad I just get a "do over" for today.
Oh, and I need a fricking hair cut soooooo bad... it's just insane. I call my current look "Mad Scientist Meets Street Dweller".

Suzy picked up the boys, and made a nice dinner, so now it's homework time for the boys and I'm going to take a stab at a little of the work I didn't get done today. :)

ps. Is LOST over till ... January?

pps. must go get a coffee... :)

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No matter how hard you try
Or how closely you hold onto your values
You will always do and say things that can be taken out of context
And present the appearance of your failure or your lack of good intentions.

Read that again and be well reminded that this problem... is not in your hands.
"No matter how hard you try..."
It is in the hands of your partner, lover, spouse... husband, wife, friend...
And it is up to you to trust that they will not judge you with an imperfect view.

Getting the whole picture is up to them...
Sticking to your values and doing your best, is up to you.
The real problems start when you stop believing that they trust your good intentions.
Because you can do no more than you are already doing.

Be true to yourself,
and let others follow if they want.

Don't chase the quicksilver of someone else's opinions or mistrust.
You will lose yourself.

Just be you.

You are already good enough.