December 3rd, 2006


Sunday, December 3

Yesterday was all about a trip downtown to see the "Ottawa Wood Show" (no jokes!) where my dad had a few carvings on display... he won ribbons! :) There was some amazatron stuff there... And it was a nice outing with Geo. :)
I got a door installed, leveled and looking good. Today I'mma gonna do some trimming.

We got up early today and the boys went with me to the Britannia Yatch club... where we spent the next four hours being kitchen and service help for the Sunday Morning Breakfast. Different race teams (boat crews) each take a turn "manning the kitchen" for the sunday morning breakfast deal and it was my brothers turn... so we went to help out. It was a nice way to spend a sunday morning and the boys had a total kick. Little waiters and bus boys. :)

~ blue ftls
~ p-z blue jeans
~ old navy...
~ up early to go be kitchen staff...
~ take the skies in to be waxed and sharpened...
~ goof around with door trim, casing and footing
~ go to my units for a birthday dinner for my da! :) (His b-day is tomorrow)
~ watch AR and definitely pack in another epi of Weeds... My My... it's getting complicated in Agrestic lately!! :)
~ nerdular would get the band dissing on video sometime... :)
~ to remind ladymeg1 that is a "no dying" zone. No death... by shower or otherwise. :)
~ and to send a few wry smiles over to little shopper, tonya

Birthday moments...
from yesterday!! :)
Happy birthday to my favourite little sugar-cacks... er... minarets!! :) I hope you had a great celebration lil'sugar... and that the year ahead treats you as well as this last one has. :)


Today (2:45 EST: this one may still be "setting" at youtube land... give it a minute.)

See ya. :)