December 1st, 2006


Friday, December 1

Snow Day
wake up... white stuff... not much... just a wee bit.
Radio plays a forgotten song...
er... oh yeah, and so BINGO they're calling for all the school buses to be out-of-commish!

Little miss crack pipe... aka mother nature, is out back again, flopp'en around in an attack of the freezing rains.
By lunch, the world had a shiny new layer... now, it's just getting thicker. Yikes.

Z's at work... the boys are here... and I'm getting a bucket load of work done. I want nothing more than to enter my weekend without any threads of "did I finish that?" in my head! Of course, procrastination still rules... I'm just giving it a run for it's money today. :)

Oh, and during the "it's a snow day, you're going to read" morning break... Edward hums and haws about having to read, ... and count me pleased to hear him putting off snacks because he want's to read... "just four more pages...". He read half his little book and I was going to count it a success if he polished off the first chapter. :)

~ maroon ftls
~ blue jeans
~ blue t
~ and a wee bit of a smile...
~ up and at'em with a busy day planned, knowing full well that there will be red-pen style comments filling my work email on some proposals...
~ get ready to drive the boys to school... and the radio tells me that all the school buses are canceled in the city. So bottom line: it's too dangerous for our buses to drive, but it's ok for a million more cars to converge on a neighborhood public school. rigggght. not. Snow Day.
~ plan the boys day with two "get outside" recesses... two "ready set, read!" sessions... lunch and ... a lot of "snow day free time!".
~ note: the outside thing sucked... it's freezing rain... but reading went great!! :)
~ get my things done for work land
~ write about survivor
~ chill ... totally chill... I've had plan-nine-stress-monkey-attack-mode-alpha-flip-chart all week and... it's fricking friday! I'm done!, er... in a few hours...
~ power through a couple more episodes of Weeds (season two) (ohmygawdIlovethisshow)
~ to just send a quiet little understanding squeeze over to wolfiegirl!
~ and for dinkydo to lose the migrain... and find some of the good karma I'm sending her way...

Birthday moments..
Happy Birthday caranya! I know you're out there... and I hope all is well and that you're finding ... the easy paths.
and to alicenwndrln... where ever you may be... :) Happy birthday my little actress... er... talent... or whatever is pc to call supa-stahs!!! :D I hope you're well and making great strides towards your future.
And last but not least... happy birthday to the busiest elf around... santa Word 'em up home slice...


In the whole "using our powers for good" vibe thing...
I wanted to link you up to a site called "Cambrian House".
A friend here in Lj, who had to bail on the journal
(serpah!!!) is working up an opportunity
and it's something we could help with. He has submitted
an idea to an idea factory and they post it soliciting votes
and feedback. His idea is cool beans (a web info collector
for a fantasy football league thing... totally bitch'en if you
do z'fantasy league!) and I was wondering if a few
friends might zing over to the Idea Factory and give him a
vote of support! It's just a few clicks away!!

The idea factory is called [ :: Cambrian House :: ]
and his idea is linked [ :: here !! :: ]