November 29th, 2006


Wednesday, November 29

Everybody freeze!! or the white guy gets it.!!

Mother nature has clearly been hitting the crack pipe again. It's warming up quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. I'd say... downright balmy.

~ gray ftls... again with the new thing... four pack! :)
~ now? beige jeans and something warm and fuzzy
~ then? gray trousers, brown t-neck and z'blazzzer.
~ kind of a time warp of yesterday except with a different client...
~ and the time warp included a really good vibe on the prospect.
~ now? back to the IP slog! ("IP" = intellectual property, aka, writing report templates, datasheets, making slide shows and messing with a web site. you know... a calm day with my feet up... NOT!)
~ tonight?
~ to smile and wave at yumikid,... may all your wishes come true...
~ I could bend that time warp thing into being my pet... and making an extra six hours in the day. 30 hour days... hmmm... perhaps if we moved the earth further out... of course this would deal with the global warming issue...
~ my achilles’ tendon... left ankle... would screw off and stop being all ouchi. I have zero recollection of hurting myself there...unless it's some summer skateboard thing come back to haunt me! grrrr!!!!

Birthday bonanza!
Always and forever, the very best wishes for a happy birthday to lakme. May all your cups runneth ... you know... messily. :)
and a very happy birthday to abbeyrd... who is hiding around here somewhere... :) Have a wonderful celebration and make lots of grand memories sugar.
Happy birthday sugar-mere... (meremonami). A year that brings all kinds of open doors to the path your a'walk'en. I hope you have a lovely year sugar.
And last but not least, happy birthday to lurker suzy... :D (billie0)... May this year bring you good health, sufficient wealth, and all the happiness you can handle.

Imagine... in the next eighty years... eight billion people are going to die.

I heard an interesting tid bit on the radio... dig it;
The movie "An inconvenient truth" was offered for free... thousands of copies... to schools across the US. The "association of america science teachers" or some such rot, took a pass. Why? Exon Mobile... is a big ass sponsor of the association. Oh, and they did (the science teachers) accept and distribute this pathetic film about life without fuel... oil, specifically, for school consumption. Exon Mobile made that film.

Just say'en... a) did you know your kids were sheep to be herded by the transnational corporation with the deepest pockets? b) are you surprised... I mean, we all live this way as adults. I guess I just expected the public school system to have a little more integrity.

and now for something completely different.
"A babies arm holding an apple."


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I have reached some kind of "inner limit" on being tired.

We ate an early dinner... done by 5:15... then I crashed on the sofa till 6:00... the clamoured upstairs... and totally bagged out till 8:30.
Now? I feel as though I'mma gonna tip over at any moment.
Must re-organize my fridge ... kind of a job-jar thing... and then I'm going to crash. I've - apparently - got some kind of a sleepy spell on me. Perhaps getting oodles of sleep will make it go away.