November 27th, 2006


Monday, November 27

K... so as much as I'd like to whine about a "gray murky day"... I watch the news and I guess I ought to shut up! :) Poor vancouver... British Columbia is the land of our closest approach to endless summer... with a kind of endless rainy season that gets colder in the winter. :) Today? After two weeks of rain, and boil water warnings... they have massive snow storms, and frigid temperatures.

I could walk down my laneway in slippers and a short sleeve shirt.

Of course, this has nothing to do with global warming... because, that's not real. Just something the bleeding hearts dreamed up.
No sirree... our conservative government knows the truth... there's no global warming crisis demanding immediate and decisive action whatever-the-cost to stave off the next ice-age. Nope... it's just a problem of car exhaust emissions making it ugly and smoggy in the cities. At least, ... that's what the gov's actions seem to say.

Yup... all smoggy in Vancouver. er... wait... didn't they say snow?
Maybe Steve-o Harpie would like to go shovel some smog in Vancouver this week?

~ brand spanking new maroon ftls...
~ beige jeans
~ dk blue t and warm fuzzy
~ up ... boys dressed, fed and to school
~ home again, and knuckle under... graphics work (always takes miles longer than you think) and slide show rewrites based on boss-mans big red pen. :) (stop it!)
~ gotta see a man about a horse...
~ write about AR later ...
~ to send many... heck, endless, wishes, hugs and hope out to my friend, lynspin... !!
~ that uniclycommon never loses her good sense... :)
~ that my friends in Alberta and BC... are staying off the roads and staying warm!
~ and happy pie making out to willedit!! :) I'll have blueberry when I visit ... mmmk? :D

Lots on my mind today.
Time, it seems, has not been my good friend of late.
So many little projects half started and waiting for my attention.
So many moments of mental gymnastics occupying my idle moments.
Must organize my thoughts on some things...
Life can get so confusing... so hard-to-hold... when your emotions get all disorganized.
Sometimes... it's just hard keep all the balls in the air and remember to breath too.
I suppose... you have to accept that a ball or two is going to fall every now and then.
I guess the trick is to keep breathing.

See ya on the flip. :)

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Question for Movie and Music buffs:

The movie "stuck on you" was surprisingly good... and fun to see all those big names doing goofy things. :)
At the end, Greg Kinnear performs a song at the end of their Musical "Bonny & Clyde".
I'd love to hum a few bars... but I can't. It starts with a long ass tongue roll... and a few "bop's" then a song...
It's grand... but I cannot figure out what the song is.

Here's the song list from the movie via IMDB... [ :: Stuck on you Song List :: ]

Anyone have a clue here?

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

The Legitimate Gladiator

They're off... and racing around Morocco with eyes all focused on cutting one another up, instead of the amazing location. But it's a million dollars... so go figure. Bama's on a roll, although Rob and Kym are definitely not... the pageants continue to be on a mental par with wood chips, and the xdruggies... are just cruising along.

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