November 24th, 2006


Friday, November 24

K... feeling very Ilya Kuryakin today ... which, in my head, is a good thing...
So I've had a pretty good - but busy - day.

A whole lotta interesting feedback on the hijab - headscarf thing... and as usual I've learned all kinds of new things.
So... thank you. :)

Todays subject... cameras in schools. :)
It's another in a long line of gorgeous days... and I'm hoping it holds for another couple of days. :)

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ black turtleneck
~ z' blue blazzzzzer. :)
~ busy freaking day!
~ do the breakfast, kids to school thing
~ zoom through more slide show edits...
~ pack it up and zoom to a gov building in Hull... hour long meet with boss man big...
~ zoom from there to downtown and kill the rest of the afternoon in a wee office with business development people...
~ then back to pick up boys... negotiate geo visiting his friend, and bringing one of Ed's friends home...
~ now? My first chance to check gmail etc... :)
~ soon? Go get my car!!! :D
~ then I'm hoping "out to dinner" at this new chinese place...
~ and work on trimming a door tonight... maybe cutting out another door... :)
~ to send a whole bunch of good karma out to nerdular... just cuz...
~ another bag of hope and karma for myclevername
~ and a great many wishes for ... successful black friday shopping... We don't have that up here... seems a bit strange but power to ya. :)

Two 13 year old boys are suspended after intentionally pissing off their grade 10 teacher (in a town near here) and capturing his rant at the class on a video phone then YouTube'ing it. The teacher is at home on "stress leave" and ... is out for blood! Something about suing for "character damage".

Damn... I heard the vid sound track... and yeah, kids can be assholes ... but the bottom line is this:

You can make all the rules you want, but kids are going to break them. If they break a rule... you can release the appropriate measures on them ... detentions, etc. But the "fact" of the video being out there... is a great big "screw you" moment, as far as I'm concerned.

Kids are captured on video all day long... schools with cameras, shopping malls, walking streets, ... everywhere. But most especially... in school. It's nice to see them turning it around on the "man" for a change.
And if you lose it so badly while managing your grade 10 class... even if they're being ass holes ... the I personally think you're past your prime as a teacher. There are a million ways to control a class room of kids that would not embarrass you all the way home-for-stress-leave if caught on tape and shown publicly.

It's a school.
It's all about rules.
So make one and be done with it.
And stop crying about some kids putting it in yer face.

And no, I'm not a grade 10 teacher and yes, I realize it can be difficult to manage a class.
And your point is?

The turkey scene from WKRP In Cincinatti... :)
[ :: I swear I thought turkeys could fly... :: ]

sorry nola. :)
I hope you had a good sleep distant-sugar. :)

Survivor XIII Update!!

Survivor XIII: Race Wars

They Bleeped "UP"!!!!

Where in... the game starts to revolve around Jon Jon, with a little time out to watch Adam blow chunks, Sundra display a festering sore, and a little pole dancing... survivor style. :)

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