November 20th, 2006


Monday, November 20

Dude... yesterday was soooo amazingly productive. We slouched around in the morning... and I got busy in the afternoon. I "sound insulated" the ceiling and new wall in Three Mile Island (I'm getting a plaque for the door! and a "radiation" decal for the giant retention tank... haha) and I'm feeling quite stellar about the way this project is going to turn out. Soooo much still to do, but my imagination has a habit of getting to the end of the project often... and that's fun. :)

As usual... the sun came out in the early morning and we are now well into the "is it going to snow?" zone.

Six... SIX deer in our backyard this morning. geez. :)

~ blue ftls
~ p-z blue jeans
~ blue t and a warm pull over!! (it's mightily cold today!!)
~ up and drive the boys to school...
~ drop my car off at Allards (collision repair...) and drive away in a rental Ford Focus... My my you sit so high in a focus...
~ slog away on an internal project for el boss man big...
~ get the slow-cooker (crock pot time) going on a roast for dinner...
~ totally dive into Heroes tonight. (beams... loving the Heroes... )
~ that I get to hear nbbmom gets "Help me out" called ... now we just all need to be INFORMED of when the episode of Millionaire is on!! :)
~ to smile and wave at my fellow pirates... :)
~ to send a few more good vibes out to yumikid... good luck lil'sugar.
~ wonderful big smooshy congratulations to infinitywhisper (bethany) and anarkin (ayoub) re: the marriage vows!! :D
~ and the very best of wishes to mzbean ... may tomorrow come and go with a big "all is well".

So here's the thing... and, once again, I'm being influenced on topic
selection by CBC's The Current, but sadly, I only heard their subject
promo, not the topic (but they - radio "the current", pod cast
their shows... the following day, so I'll listen to it tomorrow).

The tag lines from the promo touched the "you're giving up your privacy
in the digital age" nerve. Traceability, measurement, consumer trends...
even the content of email... and I'm sure I have no real hope for privacy
in my gmail emails. I used to think operating my own sendmail server, with
my own domain, gave me more security on email content but ... that would
be an example of geek-conceit. The bottom line is... if it goes out on the
wire... or over the airwaves... you stop having any control of it the moment
you press send or click "ok". You can contract for privacy till your ears pop
off but in the end, if someone has a good enough need, or intense enough
desire... you are reportable or hackable. Heck, US law already demands
that companies store six years worth of email... and that's ALL email.

Now... here's my point...
Who freaking cares?
Are you transmitting the self destruct codes to the starship enterprise in
your emails?
I mean, I totally dig that on-line banking poses risks to the individual by
way of hackage... and identity theft.
But I don't see that as a privacy issue... I see that as grand theft and a
crime. Cops in cars and topless bars baby... turn that over to the law.
It's a pain ... but banks (in canada) are insured to a reasonable degree
(if you have more than 60,000 in a deposit account, you're bonkers - from
an investment and security point of view).
No, the "real deal" issue is this big red pulsing zit called "invasion of privacy"
and I honestly don't get that side of peoples personalities.
The whole "don't take my picture" thing... that some random guy gives you
when your snapping touristy photos... Like... are you an international spy
or criminal and have to avoid detection by CHAOS? Shut up... you're a white
collar worker and nobody gives a crap about you.

No, the idea is that we see privacy as this inalienable right and we expect our
institutions and governments to bend over backwards to protect it...
Or just get mental worrying about it?
We don't define it... and we don't really want to pony up and pay for it...
but we sure do expect it.
What an unbelievable waste of money and resources.

Privacy is something you respect. Something you "give".
Expecting everybody else to provide it to you... turns it into a "take" thing.

And you should have learned a long time ago... when the chips are down,
you can only count on you.
So the "takes" fall away and you're only left with your "give".
I give you your privacy by doing my best to respect my interpretation of
certain values.
I wont do a perfect job of it... and in the end, the fact that we "try" is
really enough.

At this time, each year, I am reminded of a young woman I met in Lj ... she was all kinds of cute and a lot "punky" in that wanna-be suicide girl kinda way... and she got herself a brand new car for her birthday. A week later... missed navigating a curve... and she is no more. Today would be her birthday. She was a lot more than a "punky girl". She was someones daughter... she had great friends... and she had her dreams and life and ... and and and ... AND it's just not fair.
Rest in peace sweetwater_kill
Do a young person a favour... find a way to talk to him or her without getting their back up... about how destructible they really are.

Hey... have a great week!!! It's monday! a scant five days from more weekend!! :D

ps. ni night Nola. :)

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Walks Like A Duck...

They're off... and they’re all racing around "Keeeeve" (bwahaha)... Well, except the Cho brothers... I don’t think anybody explained the idea of "race" to them. The writing is on the wall for these guys... or at least the helmet marks from an upside down repel is on the wall. Rob has his now cliché mental melt down, the Pageants burn up the road with their amazing intellects, er... I mean total dumb luck (enter Groucho Marx, stage left: "and when I say dumb...").

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