November 16th, 2006


Thursday, November 16

I have to keep this short... today is another "madness day" ... and "they" could be here any second to coral me, tie me up and make me tell the truth. Gosh... It would be nice if at least one of them would dress up as Wonder Woman at times like this. :)

Bottom line: LAST DAY at this contract. I've been working for a large government agency ... for the last 16 months... on a twenty day contract. :) (renewals and extensions of the contract)... but it all comes to an end today.

I've finished my final reports... copied all material to the clients shared drives... cleaned off my "client computer"... removed my "garbage" poster... all the pics of my kids and zebra... and now I'm only waiting for 4:00 to meet my client boss and get the "see ya" convo going.
I spent the morning doing knowledge transfer to an employee of this organization ... and in about two hours... I'll hope to stop worrying about all the stuff they have going on ... It's funny how emotionally invested you get with a client.

It's another gloomy November day... but I could care less. :) I've been so flipp'en busy today I haven't had a spare second to note the weather.

~ black ftls
~ gray trousers
~ screaming white shirt... blue tie... blue blazzzzzer...
~ playing 'dress up' for my last day. :) I'll play "dress down" tomorrow. :)
~ zooom to the "company" downtown office at 4:30 and pick up a package of work they want me to dive into next week...
~ tomorrow is a PD day and I've been booked off for that... for ages... so the weekend starts at 4:35!! :)
~ it occurred to me last night... that we never watched LOST last week... must do that tonight.
~ for the cool wave of good vibes and schmoopyness that is washing over nbbmom to... keep on keeping on. :D
~ BIG CONGRATULATIONS to sugar-bronze... bramey ... She announced her pregnancy today... !!!
~ and for spurbaby to drink up all that good friend mojo. :)

Youtube... google video... ms Live...
Can you frigg'en imagine how much data is being shoved around the dub-dub-dub these days? No really... we're talking... petaflops of data and that's going to become TOO SMALL soon... like 10 to the 18th power worth of data...
We geek away, almost ignorant of the totality of the technology that is installed on the planet to enable this incredible machine...
I'm just say'en... when you click a youtube video ... and it plays right away... you should be mightily impressed.

Two invitations to write CS03 and CS04 boards for the government in the last three days... and um... no.
Stability... comparable dough... but ... I cannot imagine electing to take on 'government tech' stress again.
It's much more relaxing to be a "tactical warrior of the byte." (TWOTB)

K.. time to go. :)

have a lovely day!!!!
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