November 7th, 2006


Tuesday, November 7

er... ok, so that's about how I felt at 9:30... :)
work work work...

The day started all cheery ... but it's become quite dreary.
Clouds and burrrrr... and a threat of winter... everywhere.

~ blue ftls again...
~ blue jeans
~ gray t and a big sweatshirt
~ watch a "carpet guy" fix the carpet (where they "moved the door" - long story)
~ work like mad to re-work my reports to improve my clients reception... like ... jiggling the antenna...
~ out to dinner... and also to drop off suz's car at the mech's shop for snow tire on-putting, etc.
~ work tonight... sigh... I never do that... but I gotta get something ready for da'boss...
~ I could inject one full day between today and tomorrow. no really...

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday out to pamdewind... a wonderful woman with remarkably beautiful little kids... clear across on the other side of the planet... May great fortune keep you, and your family, held tightly in it's miserly hands and I sincerely hope that good health is your dearest companion as this next year sneaks by.
And to yupjustme... whom I honestly can't say enough wonderful stuff about ... because it would clearly start to sound a bit weird and stalker'ish... I hope you have a wonderful birthday... that Mat surprises you and that there are good times a'plenty behind every page you turn on this years calendar. :)

and a quiet little happy birthday to Keith... who is elsewhere, but not forgotten.

Long enough ballot for ya...?
Tough. It's a small price to pay for the rewards of being US citizens.
Go vote and bring a friend.
Meanwhile, I'll sit up here in the frozen north and wonder what will happen when the energy trusts all fold out west. hmmmm....

It's the company that makes most of the voting machines.
Oh what a tangled web is woven in the fabric of that companies board of directors history, and the endless controversy that the company wanders around stardom with. There's a "I can hack the vote in 10 minuets flat" video out there, produced by a professor at Princeton. It almost makes you hunger for a hanging chad or two.

The microwave is blinking out "PRESS START"... kind of scrolling it across, totally ignorant of the fact that whatever was in there last... is not only out, but long gone.
It's kinda like... waiting too long to return someones feelings...
You're so busy being whatever your busy being that you let it slide.
And when you finally get around to pressing start...
Well... it's just too damn late, isn't it.

See ya. :D