November 5th, 2006


Sunday, November 5

A great day was had yesterday!!!

Sunshine... well... a little sunshine... but NO RAIN... and lots of fun.
I slaved like a dog with moving all the lumber and some of the gyproc to the basement (holy fricking crap... gyproc is heavy like all get out!!!!), but I did cook up the day with some air plane flying. Geo got a new Air Hog RC plane (foam plane, micro motors... totally cool) and we did some fly'en out front. Watch the video below... :D

We went to my BILs for dinner and cake and stuff to celebrate my SILs birthday.
Got home in time to see that I'd missed taping BSG...
Moved more gyproc around in the garage (can't move it to the basement... no fricking way... too heavy) so we can park in the garage and then? Passed out on the sofa... hard core. Zonk!!

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ a blue t and a red sweatshirt!!
~ to pack myself up and go shopping. I need new jeans. Jeans that fit. My genes are playing havoc with my jeans. It's either too big, or very old and ratty.
~ put up coat hooks in the back hall.
~ make CERTAIN that BSG tapes at 6:00 (missed it last night... due to ... not being here! grrrr)
~ for fewer lost days in the life and times of teasdale...
~ that I could give mzbean a neck massage...
~ and many many wishes for morganofthefay and her little Lily... may she get only good news and find her way home soon.

Birthday moments...
From yesterday, November 4, two wishes... for two somewhat absent friends, nordicaicewench and webdiva. Happy Birthday to you both... and I hope you are off being busy having fun and pulling good friends closer.
and for today... a wee wish out to militantmomma for a happy birthday, despite the unfortunate turn that life has given this week, and this day. Memory paints a lovely backdrop... but imagination makes for the best road ahead.
Happy birthday to Elaina... (costello1177) as well... a woman with boundless spirit and ... my hopes for the very best year to be waiting for you.

Again... I just uploaded this (12:54 pm)... so it may take a bit to get sorted at youtube.
It's a great little video of flying the new "air hog" rc plane yesterday. A simple plane... and great fun.