November 1st, 2006


Halloween 2006

Geo... was "windswept and frozen"
Ed was, of course, his lordship, Darth.

The hay covered flat bed, dragged behind this guys tractor, brought the kids in bulk to each house...
Kids, parents, costumes... everywhere... a wonderful madness. :)

... and a little video blog moment... :)
The last scene... was shot in the front yard near Geo's friends house. Just outstanding. :)

(ps. I just uploaded the vid to youtube at 1:00... it'll take a few mins before it's 'available')

night. :)

Wednesday, November 1

SOMEBODY posted links to the songs on the Fratellies "Costello Music" cd... and ... I can't find it... and I've scrolled-scrolled-scrolled until I thought I'd go mental.
Anybody? Bueller?

It's a beautiful day. Somehow the whole winter-setting-in thing has vanished and it's g-g-g-g-gorgeous outside.
It's proly 'cuz I'm in such a good mood... or is it the other way around?
I mean... I suppose I could be controlling the weather...

Thirty five kids piled up in costumes, on hay bails, on a big ol'flatbed trailer... bursting forth to rush up the lawn to one house and burst into choruses of "trick or treat" ... is right up near the top of the all time cutest things ever. One little girl... dressed like a little yellow "chick"... with a very round little chick body and bandy legs sticking out... was totally a getty baby... and made me burst out in giggles ever time I looked at her.

Talking to the other moms and dads... good fun. The tractor had a cooler full of beer in the scoop... so there was much chitting and chatting. :)
Fun Fact: My front door neighbors... one-to-the-right... are Suzanne and Andrew. yikes. :)

The warm air that settled on our neck of the world last night... just after dark... was truly strange and wonderful. The rain stayed away and ... it truly was a perfect night for halloween.

And... for the record... when Ed corralled me in the back hall to tell me "this was the best halloween EVER!"... I was feeling all the little schmoopy things that make being a dad... outstanding.

~ dk blue ftls...
~ p-z jeans again... ohhhh... bad corto... jeans? hahaha...
~ black t... beige SSBUS - untucked, thin dark green sweater. :-)
~ up early... (went to be at a good time!! go me)
~ drive the boys to school... zoom to work
~ and have November 1... day 1 of 16 that end this gig.
~ meanwhile? busy as stink with the project wrap...
~ no idea what's next but the boss is working on a gig at another big gov dept.
~ tonight? cleaning up halloween. :) Oh... and apparently ... somebody DIES on LOST tonight.
~ for the peace of a calm heart and good prospects to help dear Bethany... to see that life is all about smiles now.
~ to thank all of my lj friends for posting soooooo many halloween pictures. I love... love to see the pictures. :)
~ that Mrs. Sweet and Wonderful ... er... I mean, My Misha... er... I mean willedit... has a restful day.
~ and to send big CONGRATULATIONS out to aunticrist on the occasion of his engagement to flameprincess!!! Go you!

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to canuckgirl... Dearest Cathy... I sincerely hope this is a wonderful year for you... and that you don't have to stick yourself any more!!! :D hahahahahaha... May you find yourself on the steps of great health... a happy heart and ... the opportunities to fill your life with happiness.

So yesterday morning... I reached in my pocket... and a folded piece of paper ... skewered me under the nail of my "pointing finger" on my left hand. Ouch... it has a little "blood" mark under the nail. It was ouchi but... you know... THEN last night... opening a can of spray-on White (fake snow stuff) I managed to get a good chunk of cardboard rammed under the thumb nail...same hand. This one hurt. Like... I woke up at 5:00 and sat there looking at my thumb and imagining it was a cartoon thumb that was pulsing giant throbbing pulses. Ouch!!!

Killer busy today...
... must zoom.

There are a few great ways to ruin someones day.
If you put your mind to it... you can do a bang up job.
But you don't have to think much ... to make someone's day start looking wonderful.
You need only share a smile... and let a little tiny bit of kindness escape.

See ya. :)