October 26th, 2006


Thursday, October 26

As the world turns... it brings the sun and earth together at ever-so-slightly different angles of opposition. This month, beginning just a few days ago... the sun comes up through that window (behind my head) between 8 and 9. Not that you'd have noticed, what with all the clouds lately.
Saturday the clocks get set back... so basically, if tomorrow is sunny... I'll get two days of this cool BRILLIANT sun shine behind the morning picture. :)

... and yes... I do, in fact, realize that I look rather goofy in that picture. I'd have said "retarded" but... I didn't want to insult retarded people.

Sunshine will give way to rain... then - according to the weather-idiots (so insert grain of salt here) - wet flurries.
That will - if it shows - be the second snow fall of the season.
Halloween is next week. I'd really like to save the white stuff till after the goblin parade.

You know... I try desperately to take good care of my [ :: finger nails :: ]. This is a "swing hard in the other direction - over compensation" thing after a lifetime of biting my nails. I still have to try to not pick at my thumbs but that's another story... we're talking nails for a second... Now add headphones, good music, a government issue 1972 fake-wood-top desk... and you have a recipe for some serious finger tapping. I love the sensation of my fingers drumming out the beat of a song... but very specifically... the "drumming" is my nail tips touching the table top.
So anyways............... I just popped off the headphones for a second to remind myself of just how loud the clickitty-tippity-tap is. I surprised a 16 ton anvil hasn't come over the baffle yet. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ green trousers
~ beige SSBUT
~ dk green thin sweater and there's a "green toned" tie under there somewhere.
~ up in EXCELLENT time... dress and feed the boys... send them off to school with Z while I get myself into work in great time. :)
~ now? I want to be doing exactly what I was doing yesterday. This shit, except at home... where a) it's more comfortable b) the air isn't going to knock me unconscious every hour, and? AND the toilets don't make me wanna BARF MY FRICKING GUTS OUT. I just went to sit on huey and release the hounds... and (no fooling here) the first of the three stalls there opens on a sickening scene of total devastation. Not only is the toilet unnaturally full... with what appears to be 11 metric tonnes of toilet paper floating all colurfully there... but (and this IS TOTALLY THE ABSOLUTE WORST)... there is a little shit nugget sitting all wet and nasty on the FLOOR in front of the toilet - clearly left behind after the big overflow. NOTE: the floor drain is ... in front of the handicap stall... the last in the row... so all the "overflow" flowed across all the stalls. Bottom line: there is no washroom on this floor from my point of view today. I can handle cleaning the cat box. I can change diapers, clean explosive poop from the back seat of a nissan maxima after a terrifying accident following a kids soccer game... I can handle almost anything... but wet shit nuggets from unknown government geeks just scares the hell out of me. GAH!!!
~ I was at home. :)
~ for the peace of a calm and happy heart to squeeze reens... because she deserves some heart hugs today.
~ that teasdale treats herself to a new computer today. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to odyssey_road. Sugar-beth... have a wonderful day... May the year ahead bring you much success with your enterprising ways... and keep you, your main squeeze and darling little ella in great health. :)

You know... the whole Hijab thing is really ramping up a notch or two across western europe and will no doubt spill over into our back yards in the not-too-distant future. Muslim women, of a specific "intensity of all that is Muslim'dom", are supposed to cover their faces lest they incense an otherwise good muslim man to commit an atrocity on her ... raping, assault, torture. I have no concept of just how screwed up a religion has to be to conclude that, not only are men so weak that they turn to terrors when faced with the slightest bit of a womans flesh, but that women must therefore pay a social price due to this manly weakness.
However,... never fear... I have the solution. And in my solution, there's room for all the women to dress any ol'way they like... including wicked slutty... because, you know, that's the ultimate right? Can you see all those otherwise hajib covered women ... in skin tight pink spandex and tube tops?
Anyways... back to my solution.
All Muslim men that are demanding the Hajib deal... need to have their eyeballs plucked out and fed to goat.

Harmony... from Logitech.
the 688... no. 880? Yes... 300 at Future shop, but only 190 from Dell... and future shop honors competition prices... so cool. Do I get it?
Oh, and I gets the brand new 890 would be some good ass kicking yummy too... but that's 4 bills baby and that's just silly. :)
Bottom line: I have to wait, like two weeks to get the basement construction started... so I'm gonna do the home theater speaker installs in the family room as my next project... and buy a flipp'en 680 Harmony (I think) to control it all with.

A little vblog moment from yesterday... :)

Have a wonderful day muchachos y muchachas. :D

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Radio story about "Ontario's Ombudsman"... but the talent has a strong s sound in her voice.
totally swear she started talking about Onario Zombie-men.
Which... considering the current state of the economy in Ontario... would not be far from the mark.

.... more brains please...