October 24th, 2006


Tuesday, October 24

Fuzzy zebra bum... a girl in motion. Mornings are .... busy busy busy in our house. :)

Rain? Well... brrrrr'ing cold outside. Gloves and ... I know it's gonna be hella colder in the deep and dark of winter but ... the transitional times... always torture me with the temperature shift. :( Brrrr!!!!

This year, contrasting most years... the fall colours were quickly blown away by the many wind and rain storms we've had, all before any decent amount of snow has hit the ground. Now ... ?? Now it's still green and brown on the ground... but the trees are mostly bare. The result? You can see for miles!!! Vision would peter out at the first tree ... but now you can see clear across the forests. It's lovely driving in from the "country" and seeing all the wonderful vistas. It beats the crap out of starting each day with endless row houses and a shopping mall or two. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ dk green trousers
~ white undershirt... 'cuz I'm cold
~ and a big warm brown turtleneck.
~ more "end game" work, getting reports ready for show and tell day with the clients.
~ still no word from the interview last week... and unlike a visit to the doc... no news is not likely good news. bummer
~ there is a faint hope that my current client will come up with cash and extend me. We'll see.
~ tonight? oh relaxing...
~ hmmm... I need to stop at my moms and find my sisters hand dandy "science club" style soldering iron (I have one, but it's a honker) so I can work more with geo on one of the robots he got for his birthday. Electric gizmo kits from a local electronics store... very cool stuff. The first one is a "scarab" bug thing that you can program to react to obstacles a certain way... mixing, remote control, bugs, science and a soldering iron... massive good recipe for happy boys.
~ to send a few good vibes out to ms_right_rn.... mostly because I like her. :)
~ that nobody phones dishpan_nipples all day!!!
~ for things to continue being "better" with tonya and her second pregnancy...
~ to smile at sugarvaulter... because I know she's good karma in a pretty package
~ and that darkbay... is careful of strangers at gas bars... :)

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday dear Carole... (sylph). May great happiness chase you all over town sugar-syl. And I will always keep a cheek ready for ya. :)

Honestly... watching George Dubbya NutJob... saying "we've never been 'stay-the-course'" was the funniest thing I've seen in US politics in ... ten years easy... maybe more. )

Can i just say... regarding Heroes... that I I'm having an absolute blast with that show. When Chicklette Teeth guy... did his SUPER MONDO COOL BEANS jump and sonic boom thing... I was bursting with television goodness excitement. :) I get a little frustrated with cop guy... who can't seem to acknowledge his capabiliy is going to have associated "costs" ... and Little Miss Split Personality can stop acting like she needs to everything proven to her ... Like, remember when she woke up in the senators bed and aisan bad guy lady had to show her the dvd before she believed that she had slept over. Still... all of that is just normal criticism of a new show... Any show that gives me a cute little asian guy saying "Weeeeeee" over waffles... is definitely after my heart. :) Hiro Naka-what-ever-his-is-aschewi is easily going to be the surprise star of the show. :) fun fun fun.

Oh... and Meredeth is a dolt... dolt dolt dolt dolt dolt... and ... blondie is just being ridiculous. I was glad when Burke let her have it (verbally). It's about time somebody stepped up and said what was on their mind. This is the problem with Grays... I mean, I love the show... because I'm hooked... but the plot drives forward because people tend to be penned for the show that are generally incapable of stepping up and saying what they feel.

Geo's tooth-i-nests yesterday went very well. He was having two baby teeth that whouldn't come out ... pulled. Upper two out from the front teeth. They went to town on the "no pain" thing. Topical spray on back of hand... freeeze. Insert IV needle in back of hand... add sleepy drugs to IV line... and say good bye. Apparently he woke up three times en route to full recovery while suz sat there... and each time he needed to be told "it's over... all done" haha... He experienced very little pain but we're still concerned about some swelling tomorrow. (you should see the size of the freaking root on the teeth the pulled!!) He seems fine and he went to school today. :) Thanks for all the kind words and hopes for his speedy recovery. :)

OK... time to go. :) have a lovely day. :D :D
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