October 19th, 2006


Thursday, October 19

Holy busy morning... and... d'oh... I forgot to snap the thursday morning picture.
Remote Desktop lets me snap a pic... but sadly... (or fortunately - depending on your point of view) I'm not there to be in the picture. :(

A cold... officially "glum" day. Possible rain... definite cloudy. :)
Ah well... I'll take crummy weather on week days... if Mommy Nature would just co-operate on the weekends... we'll be all-good. :)

AND... our bed is madness.
Z and I... the sneeze machine (kitty) at our feet... Edward shows up on her side, and Geo shows up on my side... thats four people - two adults - and two grrrrrowing boys and ... a pet. On our king sized bed. Yes, King... but still. You know, one the worst parts is the heat. Four bodies generate a great deal of heat.

~ blue ftls
~ green trousers
~ beige SSBUS
~ dk green, light, sweater... and z'blazer.
~ flip out morning of being captain busy pants...
~ light out of office at 1:30 to zoom across town for a 2:30...
~ interview with my potentially "next client".
~ home (where the heart is) and cook... play... rest... read... and watch Survivor. :)
~ for a lot of things... and some of them in form fitting latex clothing.
~ to point out that not all Ewts are created equally... and ewtikins clearly got the lions share of ... wonderful.
~ to send some cheek slaps (you pick the cheek) to spurbaby... just for fun. :) Hey... light slaps... nothing nasty.
~ and a little calm wish for peace in the life and times of her_whispers who is saying good bye to a wee friend today. :(

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday note to libragirl_77... May you be blessed with good health and great happiness all through the year and I hope you enjoy the celebration of your special day!
and... happy birthday dearest Kit!! (kitiara). You - despite your modesty - stand as a shining example for women everywhere when it comes to embracing a little bit of vanity, telegenic and a bucket full of "don't tell me I can't". You are just kind of amazing to me... and I feel fortunate to have the chance to share in the reading of your adventures. I wish you all the fortune and reward for your hard work at the police academy and I look foreword to your graduation. You realize that you're going to be recruited by the FBI in a couple of years... or worse yet... by the Office of HS!! Yikes.

Oh, and btw... I'm getting mightily frustrated by this birthday anomaly thing. The birthday page, for example, only lists Libragirl_77 for today, yet when my client opened up it mentioned Kitiara and ... somebody else. Now I can't figure out who the other person was!!!

Just trying to not go too nutty over the recent bill passed in the states that makes it fine and dandy for the US Authorities to detain, imprison, interrogate and torture a Canadian citizen ... without any regard for a Canadians human or civil rights. Like... a Canadian who's air flight has a US connection en route to anywhere... if that Canadian is on the US watch-list (a list that has been proven to be TOTALLY STUPID) ... bang... he/she can be hauled off the plane and treated like an enemy combatant just as long as the government wants. Oh and they built a "pass" into the bill for British subjects. Nice.
Talk about getting the bird from the United States government.
Well a healthy fuck-you-too from me to you... mk. (and that FU is directed to the government so stop feeling all hard done by... I know the citizens didn't pass this ridiculous bit of legislation).

Poor little Purrrcy. She's got sleep apnea. We took her in to see
the vet about it, and they did the EEG thing on her... and ruled
out other issues. Not bad, except for shaving the little circles on
her head and chest for the EEG things.
So now, we have to put one of those sleep-apnea breather things
on her at night. Not easy... and ... basically it's two little tubes
that constantly blow air at her nostrils, and if you've ever blown
on a cats nose... well you know how much she enjoys that! No...
no working... so we went back to the doc and he found a solution.
He used surgical glue to install little "snaps" on Kitty on those
shaved circles. Now we can "snap" the breathing gear to her head
and body ... oh she's mighty unhappy about it... I mean, it's way
bigger than her. They don't actually make the apnea-breathers in
kitty sizes... so we just snap her in, turn on the blowers and put
her in the back hall (all that mewling would drive us nuts if we could
hear it) for the night.

There is, to my knowledge, no such thing as sleep apnea in cats.
However, since Websters stopped printing a definition for gullible,
some things have been hard to prove.

K... i gotta go. :D See ya.

(no subject)

Do you grok "diaper genie"? A lovely flip top
fake stainless steel office garbage can... has
become the scoooooped, and bagged, and
tied, kitty litter diaper genie.

If you grok... then you fully comprehend the
horror that is the dreaded diaper genie
temporal disturbance that the unwashed simply
refer to as "a bad smell".
Those of us who ... have been to the end of
the universe know full well that it is no mere
"bad smell..."

It is ... the beast!

no question about it.