October 18th, 2006


Wednesday, October 18

Yes... haloween is rolling towards us like a freaking freight train.
George is on his third "absolutely for sure this one yup yup I'm certain I wont change my mind" costume.
Edward, dependably, wants to be Vader. Yes we have the light saber. :)

Mother nature is rolling around in a crack daze waffling between rainy cold and miserable and ... bursts of sunlit yummi that makes me want to go for a walk.
Sadly... I'm not really gonna move from this stool.
Lots to do. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ old crappy jeans
~ b.u.m. t... blue
~ up at the crack
~ wake 'em, dress 'em, feed 'em and wave as they light out with z in good time for school.
~ answer the door when the tile guy shows up and gets to work in our shower (still not finished)
~ sit on the new stools by the kitchen counter... with a laptop and burn the day knocking huge dents in my client project.
~ tonight? Hope'en Lost is new... :)
~ for some of that sweet relief to find ectv
~ that krizsa gets better quick
~ and that yumikid quickly finds the silver lining in this ... development.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to lique... and her growing little family... (literally). I'm confident that this will be a wonderful, unforgettable and ... challenging year for you... and I wish with all my heart that you are held gently but firmly but Leroy (Leroy: The patron saint of good health and good fortune - as decided by me, a second ago).

Remember a while ago... I made some comments about the old "one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist" thing and brought out the Tamil Tigers as a cheep and painful example. It still applies... because... you gotta believe that there are people somewhere that think of them as "freedom fighters" ... or they wouldn't exist. Be that as it may... I gotta wonder how the significant immigrant Tamil population in Canada (especially in Toronto) who have so vocally blathered on about the Tigers being persecuted... how they feel with like six pairs of reeboks crammed in their pie holes? Frigg'en Tigers blow apart a 100 people in a suicide bomber vibe on returning merchant marines... Nice.

I gotta ask ... can you imagine just how "international stage" America would respond to the arrival of a superior alien race that swooped in and essentially explained to the US Administration that they have to adopt "Zol-tology" ... their form of governance, versus the idea of a republican democracy, and failure do to so, would quickly result in ... invasion, subjugation, and the relentless hunting down of all insurgent forces that oppose the new order.

I am clearly having too much fun enjoying Heroes. :)
great story idea, and very strong freaky characters.
have to put up with younger fly boy and his side of face talking.
have to put up with split personality killer girl... and her side-of-face talking.
excuse me... am I expecting Cretien to have a bit part next week?
enough with the side-of-face talking.
thankfully Clamboy (Tom Cruise) has the queen of side-of-face talking (katie holmes) off the market for a while...
Now... no new ones ... mk? there has got to be enough able bodied actors in hollywood that ... you know... talk forwards.
Hire a few.

K.. time to fly. :)
er... well, not really fly.