October 17th, 2006


Tuesday, October 17

"Hey... Ed... smile...."


Well last night was a wash.
Home from work, make a simple "comfort food" dinner... tortier, french fries and broccoli. :)
After dinner... good mommy daddy time in the dining room... just chill'en while the boys played somewhere.

Clean up... a job jar thing to get the "phone modem", the wireless router and the cable router all "hooked" to the wall down in the electric-panel zone and free up the Ikea shelves that were previously holding them.
We got the kiddies to bed... started "the magicians nephew" with Edward... having skipped it to read all the rest of the narnia books first.
Then... once the kids found sleep... and z and I had caught up on email and stuff... we planned to go watch Heroes and maybe "desperate" from Sunday night...
However... we both passed out instead. :) 11:00pm unconscious, fully clothed, on the bed with all kinds of folded laundry and "throw pillows" and stuff.
Woke up again at 2:00 and got sorted properly ... and asleep again till morning. :)

Strangely... I don't feel any less bagged here at work. I am absolutely confident that the evil air system here in this old government building is causing me to become sleepy. :) Hence the reason I get sooooo much more done when I work at home!!

~ blue ftls
~ green trousers
~ gray t and a dk brown turtleneck.
~ busy day... (Like ... normal days are sooo lazy, but today... ah, todays all diff... pffffft)
~ drive my car... smile...
~ tonight? actually - maybe - watch a tv show...
~ for my favourite little french squeeze box ... carorules to find... a comfortable way to sleep with her sugar. :)
~ that fallingforward was sitting at her desk when she snapped a "check out my new desk" picture...
~ for this time... to be the right time... the best time... a wonderful, long lasting time... for a treasured friend... nbbmom
~ and for some of that "sweet relief" to wrap around harleydog and her aching back!!

I sat in wild wonder as the radio told me about an international agreement regarding the movement of dangerous materials (Rotterdam Agreement - or something like that) and how Canada blew the committee in Geneva off over the production ... the continued production of this kick ass harmful variant of asbestos. It seems that Canada, Zimbabwe, and Russia... produce most of the worlds supply. Canada uses 5% and ships 95% to developing countries. The stuff CAUSES CANCER. It's not a "might contribute to ... " but rather a clear "this stuff causes cancer... and when you get diagnosed with this specific form of cancer... you have 30 days" kind of thing.
So this guy is on the radio defending the continued production - chiefly in quebec btw - of this stuff... citing "scientific studies" that turn out to be produced by the industry itself (hence, madly suspect science) that say the stuff can be safe is used a specific way... and, of course, nobody in the the third world countries that use this crap ... does it that specific way. Sigh.
All I could think of during the interview... was how very much the experience was like listening to an executive from Big Tobacco in the 1980's telling governments and the public that smoking is safe and that they had the scientific studies to prove it.

We are sooooo hypocritical. We talk about Keyoto... We talk about preserving the environment, funding green projects, demanding that average citizens pay attention to their waste ... and yet we subsidize the asbestos industry to the tune of ... well, move money than the industry actually brings in.
And the stuff is killing people.
I guess the idea is that it's ok as long as it's not killing Canadians in Canada. Stupid... but likely true.

schmoopy moment of sincere thanks for the friendships ...
I went searching through my f-list today to find someone that has been absent for a while... just to send a "hope all is well" note... and was well reminded of just how long so many of my lj friends and I have been hooked up. Certainly longer relationships that any I've formed at work, or ... well ... ever. I have my best friend... but that's about it. This isn't a bad thing. I relate well with people and I can find "people" when I need to... but I don't need to much. :)
So... just say'en... you guys are wonderful friends and I appreciate, very much, that you have put up with me for so long.
oh, and if you were hovering over the delete key but now feel all guilty... don't. I honestly don't get my shorts in a knot over being dropped. :)

The boys are really changing.
Geo is growing like mad... leaving clothes behind... and shredded. Shoes last two months...
Edward ... is amazing ... crying his "I'll get my way if I cry" cry one moment... and insightfully observing the world around him the next.
Suz and I are moving as fast as we can, trying to keep up with their changing ways.
I cannot imagine a life without children.
I think ... I have always known and always been destined to be a dad... That's not to say I'm especially good at it... I know I'm not bad, but we all have our failings. No, the point is... I know some people don't imagine themselves as a parent... and I know that I've never imagined myself as anything else.
Well ok.. a rock star a few times when I was little... :)

K... time to go. :)
have a lovely day!
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Survivor 13 Update!!

Survivor XIII: Race Wars

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Where in... the boys go apeshit mental with the slave thing at Camp Raro after watching Jp get decapitated. The girls, of course, don’t mind one bit and perhaps they’ll want to go waterskiing next. Meanwhile, Camp Aitu is checking their pit hairs and creating uncomfortable social situations

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