October 10th, 2006


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Well, after three days of absolutely perfect weather... I wake up to clouds, cold, a runny nose* and the promise of rain.
Ah well... I'm not complaining.
Mother nature was being generous all weekend... and I guess the meter ran out.

* I didn't take my anti-histamine last night. OMG ... I'm a mess today. A mess.
gawwwwd. I hate t his... but it will pass one day soon.
(acclimatizing myself to kitty ... driving me batty!)

~ blue ftls
~ blue dockers...
~ maroon dress shirt
~ a simple tie... :)
~ blow my nose eleven-dy-million times...
~ drive kids to school... zoom to work...
~ lunch with boss... "performance review" time... oh fricking joy. Another year and likely another no-pay-increase... happy happy... joy joy...
~ busy day... that ends with me buying a car.
~ home for a nice evening of grocery shopping, and video editing...
~ I was better at taking pictures. (don't ask... just feel my pain)
~ for a little ear-related-relief to come to earthgoddess
~ that jeremyb manages to ... get through the reviews...
~ to congratulate yumikid for ... just coming around a corner in the battle to master moderation
~ and very big congratulations to monkey on his achievements in flyijng... (kites)... a champion!!

Birthday moment...
A late one from yesterday... a birthday wish for my friend... for my very best friend ... Jay (aka rudma - but he only has that so he can read my FO posts). Congratulations on your recent achievement with work... I'm sure there will be much joy in your home with so much less commuting and ... Jay, know in your heart that the support you have had for me over these many years... has kept me from falling over. You help me stand up ... you help me keep going. You are a great and wonderful friend. May the year that has just begun... on the heals of so many personal challenges... be a year of renewed faith in the miracle of life and the joy of living.

North Korea... correct me if I'm wrong... but exactly what has NK done to demonstrate expansionist intentions?

Do they ask everyone to leave them alone and struggle to maintain their independence?
(even though they are resource poor, underfed and rediculous in thier adherance to communist constructs for social order)
Or do they establish harsh and unfair trading policies with their closest neighbors?
Do they ship their strength to other countries and by force of arms, rebuild regimes in their own image?
Are their troops deployed all over the world to bolster their national pride and maintain their economic hegemony?

That would be Yes, No, No and No.

Now they have the technical capability to detonate a nuke...
and ... having observed two decades of Mr. Leader For Life in North Korea acting like a popinjay... acting like a spoiled child every time it appears that the international community is making fun of him... I would have to say... HE POSES A SHIT LOAD LESS OF A THREAT TO GLOBAL STABILITY THAT WHACK NUT BUSH DOES ON A DAILY BASIS.

Heroes... good show.
Clearly a one-season thing... unless they get stupid and try to drag it out through two... but I'm excited by the show concepts. :)

For every poem posted here in my journal...
For every stanza of text that exposes my thoughts and feelings...
There are a dozen more that are backspaced and deleted.

K... time to go. :)

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

I Cyborg

And they're off... still bombing around south-asia. Cabs, Buses, Boats and Flaming homosexuals that can't row for shit... although one of them was chanelling Lassie as he swam along pulling the row boat against the current. If he would have just put that painter line in his teeth, the image would have been complete.

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