October 9th, 2006


Monday, October 9

Again with the beautiful sunshine... :) This is a long-weekend rolled on the thighs of cuban virgins... er... wait, those are cigars... Whatever... all that matters is that this has been one g-g-g-gorgeous weekend.

I'm itching to watch the second half of Battlestar... but the front yard, a ball, and three baseball gloves are calling to me...

~ blue ftls
~ middle-old blue jeans.
~ gap t
~ ug... holiday monday... chill'en. :)
~ next is catch on the front lawn with the boys who are being "forced" to play outside... sigh.
~ write about AR later...
~ TV EXTRAVAGANZA later tonight... we have desperate, gray, studio 60, double hero and ... er... something I'm forgetting... all on deck. yikes.
~ bed at a good time... busy busy week ahead.
~ for dewyeyed... to get through the next month without falling to pieces... (Loser? nawwww... please don't say that... ever!)
~ that ... things are ok in the land of katie8471.
~ and that irishgypsie manages to unclog... sugar, I feel your nasal congestion pain!! :)

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday Ali-girl... (hotblue). May you, and your new (well, new'ish) little family have a grand celebration of your day and I do hope the year ahead keeps you well and happy.
A very happy birthday to a hard working, long loving, wonderful young woman... heatherbell. I hope the little angels in your life (and the big one too) bring you happiness by the bucket full!
And to Gina... Gina-batina... (sugarvaulter). A special happy birthday message to you little miss sugar-v... This is going to be an amazing year for you... I just know it. I hope that all of your dreams find your waking hours and that you and your main squeeze continue to bring one another so much support and love.

Here's the thing...
Can anyone ... honestly say that they know without question that they will never go ape-shit-crazy-mental?
Take your most down-to-earth regular joe... or the most together woman on the planet... and tell me that there is no possible way for their lives to twist in such a way as to render them ... momentarily or otherwise... crazy?

Or is it reasonable to say that we all face the real possibility that things may, someday, spin out of control.

I think this latter bit is the truth of things.
Two truths fall from this;
~ friends and family should never be cut from your world... They form the support that you may someday sorely need.
~ guns, even in the best, well trained, and responsible hands today, may be in the hands of a crazy-ape-shit-nut-bar ... someday down the road.

Hence... I love my family, cherish my friends, and firmly believe Guns have no place in civil society.

ok... off to play catch. :)