October 4th, 2006


Wednesday, October 4

LOST is on tonight... :)

Again with the wet and rainy! I mean...
it's great with the sod and all...
however, I had time yesterday and today to do the grass cutting...
but noooooooooooooo....

Worker guy is here again... progress is being made and we are well pleased.
(digg'en that royal "we"...)

Sears called yesterday.
Our bar-stools were in...
See, we ordered these red ones... but were told, two days later, that the red was NLA and did we want to come back in and order different ones?
Sooooo... green'ish ones were ordered.
Well, I picked up the red ones last night.
Note to self: call sears and cancel the green order... we don't need eight stools. :)

~ black ftls... (be quiet you alaskan muffin you....)
~ black cargos
~ blue p-z shirt and my fav, old, wearing-thin-old p-z sweater... chanielle (sp?) !!
~ work from home half the day and do job jar stuff the other half...
~ put together new stools...
~ bring some water to Shane. I promised I would if he promised to shut about phone calls...
~ put new "safety hinge" on one of the fridge doors... (to keep door from smacking into cupboard hardware beside it...)
~ dinner...
~ and... um... er... .... watch LOST. :)
~ maybe get to watch that heroes "first epi" ... praise be to the gods of bit-torrent.
~ that mentalconundrum would clean her room... and happy fake birthday, btw... :)
~ to send big healing vibes out to turrelle ... who can be seen this week on Arctic Wrap Up's special on the nimble Northern Spaz
~ and that little miss no... enjoys the rest of her ffx fix.... :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday demyankee... may you enjoy this next year and I do hope the new order at work ... works. :)

The last thing that I did last night... mere moments before going to bed... was bust up laughing when Jon Stewart coined catastrophuck. It got me thinking about just how much impact this "watch jon stewart and then go to bed" thing has on my dreams ... :)

thumbs... again.
I can make 'em perfect...
If only I could keep them this way...
I'd blame stress... but it just seems to be a constant.

Ok... there's three days of work to do today... I gotta get back to it. :)
Have a great day!!!!
Find a reason to laugh.
It's makes you thinner. :)