October 2nd, 2006


Monday, October 2

Morn'en... :)

My little "weather network" widget at the bottom of firefox... has the fun little icon for FOG... :)
Very foggy on the drive today.

Woke up today and honestly considered just saying fug'it and going straight back to sleep... sigh.
We all got going... suz got the boys up, dressed and drove 'em to school while I ironed, ate, dressed and... blasted off to work in my sad sad little car.

Tomorrow is... builders 30 day review repair day. We give the builders a list of things that are wrong 30 days after moving in and then they schedule a day for all the "trades" to come in and do big repairing. Well that day is tomorrow. We're talking about MOVING A DOOR... therefore removing carpet, walls, studs, and making a mess. They're also going to be jack-hammering out the floor of our groove-station shower... which was not made with enough of a grade to drain the water properly. Those are the big ones... there's a bunch of lesser demons to sort out too.

So busy... and messy day tomorrow. ug.

On the light side... little Percy Kitty is doing well. She's getting bigger and ... her teeth must be on the move... because her biggest thrill is gnawing on LEGO.
She's a real "cuddler" and that's a good thing in this house. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ gray trousers
~ white dress shirt, tie and blazer..
~ classic Monday... play dress up, go to two big ass meetings, and work on my report... weeeeeeeeeeee
~ write about AR at lunch... (hi teasdale... smooooch!)
~ tonight? Groceries on the way home from work... maybe watch Studio 60
~ get HOUSE ready for tomorrow... BIG BIG DAY TOMORROW.
~ that voicesinherhead gets to feeling better
~ for whataboutjen to hurry up and find her silver lining... and to give Jen a hug or twenty...
~ to let yupjustme know I've been thinking of her and ... happy birthday to her little Mathew... |:)
~ and most of all ... a giant shout out to fireflieslie on her Japanese adventure (her post is public... beautiful pictures)

Let your hair down Sadie.
Run your fingers through it...
Shake your head ... and dance.

Tomorrow's almost here, and your not done.
Don't let the moments slip away.
You're alive tonight, Sadie.

If I love you, it will break me.
This is our only chance...
I'll save fixing for another day.

Edward (at breakfast - very nonchalant): "My tooth is out..."
Dude is losing teeth like mad. Another little tiny baby tooth.
His one big-ass-honking front tooth has come down ... and we're talking Nanny McPhee here.
Now the rest are falling out... hahahaha... he's going to have a hard time with corn-on-the-cob.
He will LOOK soooooo different with great giant front teeth in that little mouth of his. :)
He is 8.
He's doing an "expert talk" today at school... This is a "tell us all about yourself" thing that is supposed to include pictures and stories.
He's been practicing all weekend. :)

K... time to go.
143 - means I love you in number talk.

ps. I do not actually know anyone named sadie...

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OHMYGODTV... forget "must see TV"... OHMYGODTV is the new term-de-jour...

~ how long has "Heros" been on? How many episodes have I missed?

~ is it true? is Battlestar Galactica starting up on Monday, October 9????

Ok... tv insanity is here in FULL FORCE.

Amazing Race
Lost (starts this week!!!!!!!!!!!)
Studio 60
Desperate Housewives

... add 11:00 news and a little Jon Stewart and that's a lot of TV every week.

Oh, and we watched Akila and the Bee last night.
GREAT Family Movie... Great movie. Great!!

Amazing Race 10 Update!!!

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

The Flaming Lewanda’s

And they're off... zinging around south east asia, with a stop in Bejing and off to the land of milk, honey, Agent Orange and The Hanoi Hilton. It’s time to play frogger with Vietnam traffic and if you’re a stupid homophobic tool... you can get taken advantage of by anything yellow in a skirt.

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