September 29th, 2006


Friday, September 29

Frick'en cold.

Up shower, dress, dress kidlettes, feed' 'em and drive 'em to school.
Then... pull out cell phone... hook up ear piece hands free thing... jump in traffic and cruise to work.

Man yesterday was awesome... we got so much done.
My buddy (Jay) got my sump pump back up cool thing working great...
Then it was all about getting 10 new power points installed on two new 15 amp circuits in the basement. This required the complete removal of all the plastic and pink insulation all over the place... gah!
I got it all put back together last night (and I have two extra pieces of pink... no idea how)...
Next step... dry walling. :) I will get this room finished ... !!!!
Oh, and the garage door opener thing was installed. Man... I am soooooo glad I came across that company.
I was going to buy a 280$ (uninstalled, before tax) opener from a hardware store and install it myself...
Instead... they put in an opener that is FAR AND AWAY better than the best they have at home despot or Canadian tire..., and installed it for 375 (installed, after taxes). Very happy.

Now I've got to figure out how I'm gonna install the pedistal under the new washer and dryer. Whirlpool Duet "sport" washer and dryer... Pedistals adds 10 inches to the height and... it's totally necessary, so you don't have to bend over so much to load and unload. (front loading washer).

~ black ftls
~ nice p-z blue jeans
~ brown turtleneck... first turtleneck of the season!!! :)
~ work work work... lunch? try to write something about Survivor... which was painfully boring last night...
~ work work and then? HOME... I'm so keen to get home ... all the time. :D so much to do... so little time. :)
~ that I could get a "date night" in with suz... maybe go to din and see that movie "Good Cop / Bon Cop"... I keep hearing good things. :)
~ to smile at ectv and her lovely giant gonna-make-a-baby belli. :) (lovely!!!)
~ to send a few good vibes off to a treasured friend... no... just because...
~ that kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly... speaks up soon. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday Ashley... er.. ohmysheglows and you know what my wish is going to be... May you be reunited as a family soon and with everyone in good health and filled with the joy of being together ... safe.

Sick of me yet?

K... friday calls.
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Question: Are you seeing this shit?
Hostage taker in high school... shoots hostage...
Student shoots principal in high school...

Well I suppose its just about time for the NRA to trot another psycho to dance around on a stage yelling about how lucky you all are to have guns everywhere.

Responsible gun owners and advocates across the country make great and worthy arguments in favour of their gun ownership...

But we're not really talking about responsible gun owners now ... are we!

Sadly... the genie is out... the bottle is broken... and there are frigg'en guns everywhere.
Now all you have left is hope.
Hope is good...
It likely even floats...
But it aint doing shit for the parents of that dead girl in Colorado.

What a mess.

How is it that gun advocates don't feel any guilt?
And exactly when will Americans tell the NRA where to get off?
Oh wait... this is the country that elected Bush for a second term...


Survivor XIII Update!!!

Survivor XIII: Race Wars


Where in... Jeff and the producers... go chicken shit, integrate and avoid becoming the venue through which one race gets to rise above the others... because, you know, Jeff's just not blonde enough to make a really top notch nazi. Oh, and Parvati asked to be tied up kneeling in dirt, with her mouth braced in the ... open position.

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