September 28th, 2006


Thursday, September 28

It's all about the rain today... and tomorrow... and saturday... and sunday.
This is all welcome news for the guy with the new lawn... :)

I'm getting call backs on the appointments for Geo re: sore tummy and ankle issues... and it's like Dec 5, etc... that kinda blows.

Better NEWS: am on the phone with docs... we had a nibble on an application for a family doctor.

~ black ftls
~ old blue jeans
~ b.u.m. t and a ... nice warm sweater. Fall is most definitely here. :)
~ well... intended to work all day while things happened around me..
~ so far... not so much.
~ electricians in at 7:30... gone by 9:00...
~ off to home depot for an errant pipe part for the sump back up pump thing that's being installed...
~ now it's shower time and get-to-work-time.
~ note to self: must book half day off...
~ work work work
~ Survivor tonight! :)
~ for things to ... go smoooth as silk for kea, in the next little while... :D
~ and that the gov smartens up and recognizes good organizations that deserve funding ... versus giant banks and oil companies that some how "need" subsidization and tax relief... eh yumikid!!!

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday oh deprived one... er... markalope (looking at the recent pictures :D :D). Have a great day and ... may you step only rarely on lego blocks at home this year. :)

Something about fall colours in the leaves.... :D

Time to get busy...
See ya soon. :)