September 27th, 2006


Wednesday, September 27

What's that quaker man smiling about?
ar ar ar...
well, actually... nothing. :)
Just kinda woke up on the right side of the bed.
Dressing boys, well, Geo dresses himself... feeding boys and doing the shower/dress thing.
I managed to get outside and snap a few pics and shoot a moment of video with the morning sun on the colourful trees.
But that was quick and right before I lighted out of there to get the boys to school.
I'll bring pics tomorrow. :)

today seems to be all about sunshine and ... being crazy beautiful.
The rest of the week is supposed to be rainy... which is just fine by me. Rain rain rain... and I don't have to jockey around with watering the VASTNESS that is my lawn.

I still haven't come near the back yard yet... There's 10 feet of lawn ... and 20 feet of bare earth! I need to rake out the soil that was put there and add seed/fert... it's such perfect growing weather... sigh. Maybe I'll get some done tonight.

Random: I've been very displeased, of late, with the sensation of a watch on my wrist. I keep taking my "nice" watch off at work while I'm typing and my wrecky-watch... the Timex expedition... is due for total replacement. I've replaced the band on it several times but it's pushing ...12 years? or is it 15? wow.

Jon Stewart... had the president of Pakistan on his show last night. Did you see that?
It was frigging awesome.
And his tea service... politeness... and sudden "Where's Bin Laden?" thing had me clutching my guts with laughter.

~ blue ftls
~ dk green trousers
~ beige t and two tone beige SSBUS
~ meeting day... one at 10:30, another at 1:30, and a third at 3:00.
~ ack!!! I just remembered I've made lunch plans with co-worker dude and my boss... and packed a lunch!!! Ah well.
~ It's wednesday... A week from today... LOST Premier. WEEEEEE!!!!!!
~ finish pulling out insulation in my basement tonight... in anticipation of Super Electrician Guy's visit tomorrow. (My best friend, Jay... big smart guy with wires) Putting a couple of circuits in the basement for power outlets... Step one in the big "finish the basement" project. Awesome project. :) Very excited.
~ for sweet and precious little sugar-t... Mz Tess... geekgrrrl... to round a corner or two and find herself ... over the moon with happiness. big wish I know. :) but she deserves it. :)
~ and on a closely associated note... my thoughts also turn to serraph... and her debut at Berkley... I hope all is well with her. :) work work work.
~ oh, and thinking of her, reminds me of serpah (can't imagine why)... and, of course, his vanishing. I hope all is well in the west.
~ and... to send a few words to a smart girl... her_whispers. Words like... sigh, wow, and ... go you. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday whatilove!!! You are an artist sugar... and that will live forever. I hope the year ahead brings opportunity to your door as well as the praise of people you most respect and love, let alone rooms full of strangers. It remains my pleasure to have the chance to see your work and share your friendship. Have a wonderful day. :)

Another notable journalist on the talk-radio today, blathering on about how the "sun media sunshine girl" (scantily dressed, but never naked girl on some page near the back of the Ottawa Sun, Toronto Sun, etc. newspapers) being a problem. These rants always make me laugh ... especially when they include stuff about how ... "people don't need that..." and "readers are beyond that"... like it's some form of autism or social retardation to like seeing a pretty girl in your newspaper. I often wonder how the complainers manage to sit down with that big sharp stick shoved up their asses.
Frigg'en relax ... and stop expecting the universe to adopt your sense of morality.
Oh, and the judgments you pass against anyone who doesn't suck on the teat of your moral cow kind of make it appear as though the real problem is you.

I don't have any depth of knowledge about Shri Lanka... but I do know this; The Tamil Tigers are fighting for an independent homeland.

edit: and I realize - after a little edu-mac-aytion - that the Tigers are crazy bastards... but it doesn't change the central issue... we judge others basing said judgements on the state of affairs in our Here And Now... forgetting that a mean 100 years ago, let alone 200, we were slaughtering and rampaging to gain our independance. They ... (any foreign backwards ass country "they") are not us, and they don't have our value systems... so I'm not surprised to read that they do things we cannot map into our contemporary value systems.

They are fighting for independence... and the US and Canada have called them Terrorists for doing this.
That - to my way of interpreting things - essentially makes the US a Terrorist State, in that they (the USA) gained their independence by fighting their imperial rulers.
Oh wait... you're terrorists while you're demanding independence... but you're good to go after you win?
Just another example of one mans terrorist being the next guys freedom fighter.
Sort of a "Do as I say ... not as I do" thing eh... God knows we don't want anyone demanding independence.

How do you get your thrills?
What makes you feel... like a million?
Is it some small action that services your vanity?
I know I get my thrills from doing this journal (like you couldn't tell.. .hahahaha)
but seriously though, perhaps you're a writer or a photographer and getting published means you get your name out there... That's gotta feel good huh?
A performer? The adoration of the fans... That's gotta feel good huh?
Maybe you're just vain (not necessarily a bad thing, btw)... so a little complement works wonders? or that look in some guys eye that tells you he's all about appreciating you. That's gotta feel good huh?
Do you let your partner dictate how you gather that appreciation?
Do you dictate it to him or her?
Does he or she deserve to have their vanity stroked any less than you?
Just wondering....

K... time to go.
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