September 26th, 2006


Tuesday, September 26

Oh the cool cool air of fall is here...
The sweaters on the top shelf in the closet are looking yummi again.
Brilliant red leaves on the maple trees...
A sea of orange and yellow on every leafy, tree soaked horizon.
and best of all?
The feeling in the air first thing in the morning.
Sunshine sneaking out between houses, steamy breath and ...
everything seems frozen in place with a wee tiny layer of cold-and-wet.

I got in my car to come to work... and I wanted to stop and just walk around the hood.
Alas... no such luck on this busy week day.

We watched Studio 60 last night. :)
I'm going to like this show... although the ever delicious amanda peet is not altogether convincing in her network-president role.

I spent two hours at the clinic last night.
After dinner I zipped over with Geo ... to see a full waiting room.
Sweet mother of god we so seriously need a family doctor... and one that isn't 20 miles away would be nice.
Geo has always had an ankle problem... feet "tipped" in. And it's becoming a problem.
He also seems to have something wrong with his tummy. Not sick... but ... more like an ulcer? "Is that possible?" I ask myself? Doc says sure.
So ... two specialist appointments... one with an orthopedic doc and a gastro-int.
Oh, and he's going in to have a tooth extracted ... late in October.
Poor little guy... he faces challenges... that I can relate to from my youth.
He's a brave little guy.

~ blue ftls
~ black cotton kinda cargo
~ very black t
~ odd greenish, beige SSBUS...
~ get in a good space for the morning... managed to do that by just ... going slow and breathing deeply. It's a nice way to greet a fall day.
~ write about AR at lunch... or try to again...
~ work work work oh, and it's Time Sheet day... end of fiscal year time-sheet-day... so it's not one to be late with. :)
~ Home Depot on the way home... to exchange beige power receptacles for ... white ones. Big basement power circuit day is Thursday. The beginning of the basement finishing project... THE BIG BIG BIG PROJECT. ;)
~ to send all kinds of unashamed love and hugs out to dear ladymeg1... who had to say the long goodbye to a little furry friend last night.
~ that some rich guy in California would buy 1000 billboards in Virginia ... and cover them with sultry women selling cell phones or something.
~ to send birthday wishes to ninneviane's little Zia and ... that there are wonderful things cooking the kitchen of little miss nin.
~ and for a little relief to find myclevername... ouch!

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to aireal and my many wishes that all is well in the new digs... May you have a wonderful year of settling in and finding wonderful life-long memories around every corner.
And to Suzy-q the kitykity girl... my long long long time journal friend who is ... much more about her vlog than her lj ... but that's wonderful, so I'm not complaining. :) Have a lovely birthday suzy and may you and your little family enjoy great health and happiness this year. :)

History is awash with the colonial rule of african states by white europeans.
This is simply ... history.
It's worked in favour of some parts of africa and to the detriment of others.
Big topic... lots of opinion.
But forget all that for a second and focus in close on Zimbabwe.
Surplus agricultural production, exports and an actual Balance Of Trade calculation annually.
Now introduce a little political threat to the fresh-from-the-trees bush man freakazoid Ruler For Life Mugabe.
His response... KILL Whitie. Oh and take all the farm land from Whitie and give it to... fresh-from-the-trees bushmen who can farm about as well as they can perform spinal surgery.
Result: Agricultural production doesn't even come close to 1/3 of the needed production to feed the local population.
People are dying. Social systems and civil systems are breaking down... School? Don't make me laugh.
Electricity? Clean water? Commercial transportation? hahahahaha... all totally necessary for a city/urban society to function and ... totally screwed.

Darfur? The Sudan? Wow... even if you follow that story... you can't imagine.
Black, local rulers replaced colonial rule ... kicked 'em out... and got on with the busy work of being fresh-from-the-tree bush men with sharp sticks... and guns.
Human suffering of an innocent population on a scale approaching or possibly surpassing genocide.

We don't even know how many MILLION were killed there.

But ... the global issue is trying to SQUEEEEEEEZE a democracy into Afghanistan? Because... ???
You have got to be kidding me.

[ :: Domi's Wife Goes Public :: ]
Ok, so see... three issues on the table;
1. Way to go bitch. Drag your three young kids through a media circus and screw them up for ... ever... because you got hosed by a famous sports personality... Gosh... that never happens.
2. Belinda Stronach? I bet they made Peter McKay Cries Like A Girl jokes when they were all sweaty.
3. The radio was all about this story today. Lots of "hate the Domi" for cheating. (understandable)... and lots of "hate Leanne" for doing this in public... also understandable. But at some point the two camps were arguing, personified by the top 40 radio morning show jocks, and the point was made about how WRONG he was to do this... and that he should suffer. The counter argument was about how the kids shouldn't be made to suffer just so that she (burned wife) can make cheating husband suffer. Fine.
But here's the thing.
I'm not a proponent of married people having affairs.
But the fact is... shit happens.
Don't take my attitude here as indicative of my personal behavior..., however I am quite adamant about this...
I just don't get how everyone else feels sooooo justified in judging men or women that have affairs.
First of all... all they're doing is judging the people that are stupid and get caught.
I am confident that this represents only a small percentage of the total number of people that have had affairs.
So when you call a cheater a scum sucking SOB that deserves-to-die... remember you are probably also talking about your father, your uncle, your neighbor, your friend, your friends mom, your doctor, your boss, your coworker.
I'm not saying they're all doing this... or that it's OK... but rather that ... SHIT HAPPENS.
Second... offering up a knee jerk judgment of the perceived offender is ... lame, and very seriously ignorant.
What the hell do you know about that person or that couple.
Maybe her husband is a horribly abusive bastard that hasn't given her any affection for 20 years, had a million affairs and ... never got caught. But she steps out with some guy that shows her compassion, turns on emotions she's lost touch with and because she's not a sneaky sort... she gets caught.
Now you're calling her an evil slut bitch that cheated on her husband.
And - of course - the opposite is true too.
We are so damned quick to judge... and this topic is such a social hot button...
And as a subject, I think it reveals the worst in people.

The Clay Aiken doll got some new batteries... apparently it's album is doing well... and even passing Justin Timberfakes album.
Not bad for a plastic vibrator with hair.

K... all done. :)
later skaters.
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Amazing Race 10 Update

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

The Hotel Mongolia

And they're off...
On a dark rainy highway, wet wind in their hair
Warm smell of the cyborg’s coolant, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a terrible sight
Model Boys tire is flat and no one will help
And Goober had to stop for the night.
(Because he was in a mud pit.)
There’s Kimberly on a horse
Taken out by a tree,
This could be heaven but Phil’s hands are here.
Then Miss America got her ass dragged by a horse,
The Cheerleaders can’t shoot an arrow...,
And I thought I heard Phil say...

Welcome to the hotel mongolia!!

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Sex and the City fans...


I'm looking for episode number 86 called "The One" ...
goal: the moment in the episode with a shot of carrie's hair when she first meets Mikhail Baryshnikov in the art gallery.

So maybe someone can figure out which season and epi number, is this so-called "episode number 86" or "The One".


I'm looking for this for my SIL who is keen to see this specific moment in the land of hair.



!mmk. This was way easier than it sounded at first. :)
Thanks for the direction pointing!! :D