September 25th, 2006


Monday, September 25

good morning. :)

The day has dawned with sunshine a'plenty and sneaky, quiet little good vibes crawling all over me. :)
I was kinda slow on the get-go, but I made it to work, never-the-less.
Worker dudes were shoveling "river stone" into a space at the side of the house as I left for work... pictures later.

I'm trying Aleese or something like that...
I was using Reactine (can you buy that in the states yet?) ... but it's just kinda stopped working.
Oh, and I'm trying a new nutritional supplement (Nutrilite "Clear" - or something) It's so brand new, that it's not even on their brand web site yet...
[ :: nutrilite :: ]
From this perspective... the world is clearly divided into two parts... those who don't know about nutrilite and those that do.
A little knowledge in that area... can impact on your longevity.
but I digress...
They have a new product that is supposed to help out with allergies... and at this point... I'm game for everything.

pssst... can you see percy? :D

~ blue stripee ftls
~ gray trousers
~ white t, white dress shirt... dk tie
~ and z blazzzzzer. :)
~ long day ahead... well, half of it is "behind" now... but still.
~ must get a printed copy of the big report ready... for an "as at this time" status review coming up...
~ hope to write about AR later...
~ gotta get raking in the back yard to mess with the earth and put in grass seed and fert...
~ need to put a "hang all the garden implements-of-destruction here" thing up in the garage...
~ maybe watch Studio 60 later tonight. :)
~ that the insanity keeps on a'brewing in the land of nbbmom... geez.
~ that ectv... gets her health back ... :) :) :)
~ a happy birthday to whatilove's brother... just 'cuz... :)
~ and to thank sometimes59 and auntyadele... for sharing the kiddie pictures. :) :D ~ Beams.

Birthday moment...
Today is mspish's birthday. Happy birthday little darl'en sugar-snack-en-cake. :) May you find great and rewarding happiness with Rob, heck.. with life, over the next year. You are a treasure of a young woman... a treat to read, and my sincere pleasure to know... even if I only ever know you a wee bit. Happy birthday sugar-pish. Smile... somebody loves you. :)

Well woooop-deeeee-dooooo... alert the press... stop the earth... erect the sign posts...
In a sweeping moment of crazed "obviousness"... a report is leaked pointing out that US actions in Iraq are actually making the world less peaceful, less safe, and - indeed - tend to to porote hateful ideas..

I am not at all impressed with the number of murders and attempted murders in Ottawa so far this year.

ttfN :)