September 24th, 2006


Sunday, September 24

ahh... the suffering is great.
Interesting use of english that... putting "suffering" along with "great".

My head is going to explode and there will snot ... terrifying amounts of snot.
This... sadly is only the case when I'm at home.
Home is where the cat is.
The kitten.
The so-cute-it's-crazy kitten.
It will be months before I'm used to her.
This is a big price to pay for a cat.
And, sadly, the other family members have no concept.
I'm sure they just think I'm evil snot-man.

Golfing yesterday...
Well... ok, super early yesterday was Tractor time.
There's a tractor in my garage now.
Not big... but dude... totally not small.
"Golf" was the company golf tourney... SSSSSSSSoaking wet start to the day...
Then golf all afternoon wearing sponge-bob-square-shoes. squish squish squish...
I got my necessary "box of golf balls" in the door prize zone, at a huge meal, and home by 9:00.

And ... no stuffed-up-head while golfing.

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans
~ gap t.
~ move hoses around...
~ dream of having a sprinkler system installed
~ make plans to have din at my folks house.
~ go to Carp Fair with the kids...
~ groceries...
~ and marvel at the notion that I have to borrow a push mower for the first couple of cuts... because the tractor will not get along well with the sod for a few weeks.
~ for ... a little seed to grow in the life and times of nbbmom
~ to say "tisk tisk" to raylenetaskoski... (grin)
~ that I knew how mzbean was doing...
~ and ... wishing I could spend an hour reading back to see how your saturdays went. :( but alas... ear wax. Time is not in abundance.

simply... gotta git.
see ya. :)