September 20th, 2006


Wednesday, September 20

More gray skies (yeah...) and a day of working from home and nursing what appears to be the beginning of a nasty cold.
Unhappy about that...
Happy about a day working here. :)

I want sunshine... so I can take pictures of the beautiful colours coming up in the trees ... !! You'll love 'em.

We're - once again - trying to knuckle under and hold the line on firm rules about the kids and bedtime. sigh. We get so lax and they just naturally push the boundaries and everybody ends up ... tired, and frustrated.
So the new deal started last night.
Cross them fingers...

Oh... and horror of horrors. My pc hard drive ... failed three times in a row and now is running only because I got a linux distro to kick it over then booted. But ... madly backing up dvd's of data... and prepping to (crap!!!) buy another hard disk. Personally... I'm falling ever more in love with laptops. (hence the unhappy corto face in the pic. :D)

~ blue ftls
~ khaki cargo land... oh look, another pocket.
~ gray t...
~ to bask in calm comfort and work all day in the little living room downstairs.
~ I think Gray is on tonight...
~ finish another stage of the monster-shelves-from-hell... got the actual shelves yesterday... then ... redesigned the support system. ug.
~ take care of our little on-antibiotics-and-already-getting-expensive-kitty. :) Oh, and I think I saw two kittens and a mommy in the forest out back... !!!
~ for a little good fortune to find it's way to kimberly27616
~ that things spin a little better for danicia...
~ and a little luck for sylvidoptera too. :)
Birthday moment...
Happy birthday velcro_girl!!! I hope this next year keeps you and your family in good health and grand adventures... :) May you pass this day with nothing but smiles.

Poor Pope. All caught up in a controversy ... daring to draw out the specter of public criticism of Islamic Fundamentalist violence and it's place in history. Actually... the real deal was to point out how a historical figure, critical of Islam, pointed out the folly of wresting faith from the masses at the point of a sword. But no matter... all that counts is that it was some negative reference to Islam... which of course, sparks the firebombing of churches in protest. Smooooooth.

Watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip or whatever it's called... It was grand... Old Home Week from West Wing... and I'm thinking it will be a great adventure to watch the stories in this show develop. Good writing... makes better entertainment... period.

and there was grass for fricking miles...
Well... it just feels like miles.
Still no tractor... having trouble with this decision.