September 19th, 2006


Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Amazing Race 10 Update!!

Revenge Of The Hand

And they're off... to China where Captain Giant Hands (no really, have you looked at Phil's hands?) gets to bitch slap some minorities around and we get a good dose of a dozen new teams of stereotypes being idiots in foreign countries. Yes indeed... Amazing Race is here again. :)

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I de habb'en a well toughed node... so me pirate'en days are modely snotty pirate moments...
Ebrydody in my 'ouse id snivvling and sneeez'en. I blame da cad.

(International Talk Like A Pirate Day: September 19... real... not corto make-believe. :D )

and I like all the little pirate-like elements that have been made for the journal pages... hahaha...

RAIN... blessed be the water from the sky... (the Sod needs LOADS AND LOADS OF WATER).
I was outside stringing hose and pffft-pfft-pffft-pfft-pffft-pfft-pffft-pfft-te-te-te-te-te-te-te-te-te-te-pffft-pfft-pffft-pfft-pffft-pfft sprinklers as darkness fell ... just to be sure I had enough hose etc. I didn't. I mean... I do for the front... but I need a couple more hoses and sprinklers for the back. Now the problem is water pressure. I've got the capability to crank up the water pressure from the well pump... but I need advice before I do that... :)
Note: Do not, under any circumstance, fuck with your well...

We're expecting three days of rain. This is wet and yucky... but good for the sod, so I'm good. :)
Besides... it'll give me three days to screw around with my new phone.
Which reminds me... I'll have to change the number on my "text message corto" link on the bio page.

Geo, Edward and I watched "Deal or No Deal" last night... First time ever... fun show... I can imagine how it would get repetitive... but the case carry crew... works for me. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green trousers
~ three tone button up shirt and a tie... (again... sigh)
~ to spend way too much time putting phone numbers in my new phone...
~ try to go to Home Depot on the way home... need NEEEEED shelves!!!
~ nurse a cold... maybe watch that Sunset Something show...
~ for things to work out... in thatthingido's favour. :)
~ that a wee little ball of fur finds his way back to aunticrist
~ and to send out big congrats to txdevil on the house sell-and-buy day.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to the woman who practically invented the word 'moxie". perfection1144 !! have a great day and may the year ahead keep you safe and ... happy.
Happy birthday jug-man... the_jug. have a very happy birthday and I hope you get to slide some new adventures under your belt this year. :)
And to very good friend... jgurney!! Have a great birthday yo!!! I hope the day finds you in a good mood, and the year ahead treats you like royalty. :)

While listening to a catholic priest talk about the church position that morality is not something that evolves... it occurred to me that the problem is not with the retarded zealots that shoot at abortion doctors... or the extremists that blow shit up... It's not about the few... versus the theoretically wonderful actions of the vast majorities... No. The problem clearly rests on the backs of the leaders.
Popes that deny birth control to entire countries of christians that are dying by the BOAT LOAD every day is no better than the Ayatollah that supports the destruction of Israel. Both are condemning vast populations to death... knowingly ... and without remorse.

Four more canadian soldiers blown up in Afghanistan... This time... they were handing out candy to street kids when mad-bomber-dude rides up and ... boom. Yes sireee... we are sure needed.

Ok...where's serpah??

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[ :: check this article about 'skinny models banned from catwalk in madrid' :: ]

and look at what Gould (NY Elite Models) has to say.

... this is exactly when I think it's highly appropriate to use "cunt" in a sentence.

Nothing could be more laughable than the fashion industry trying to relieve itself of responsibility for the impact of beating young women with images of unrealistic stereotypes... and nothing is more pathetic.
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