September 18th, 2006


Monday, September 18

Today... if all goes well... we will get grass.
No... no that kind... although... no, never mind... point is...
We're expecting to have a lawn before nightfall? way cool . :D
No seriously... I'm very excited about this. :) :D :D :D

It's a gray day... tut tut... looks like rain...

OK... TRUE THING... I was just yawning... feeling sleepy... re-focused my eyes and the following clause was on the screen;

"...but alas he was just pulling up his socks."

And I have no memory of typing it... or what the heck I was talking about.
(insert Rod Serling Night Gallery theme music here!!!)

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk gray trousers
~ tommy white shirt and tie...
~ z'blazzer. :)
~ to execute a perfect Monday. (this requires that I stay awake!!)
~ spend an hour on the phone getting insurance settled (changing providers for home and auto)
~ gotta see a man about a horse...
~ tape... gray's anatomy (is the Premiere tonight?) (Gray is Sept 21) and that new one with Josh - "Studio 60" or something... :)
~ take pictures of the front lawn?
~ that the plan to put our lawn in today... comes to pass. :)
~ for marthaleigh ... to spend more time leading...
~ that ladymeg1 gets better... her voice back... and a new fricking job!! (in that order).
~ for harleydog to ... catch a break. :)
~ and that those damned heathen billboards... corrupting our yuut, and destroying our way of life... all be blown over in a big storm..ok?

Ok... so I built the frame... big ass, 10 foot frame for six shelves that are supposed to be able to hold HEAVY. Sheering braces and all... I kinda rock. :) I get wwwway into it when I'm into a build-something project. I'm a moron... but I have some good ideas and ... I get to use the big saw... well, usually. :)
So I have to go to Home Depot after dinner and get the shelves to go on that frame... I'm thinking 1/2 inch ply wood will do the trick. :)

When you are absolutely certain that there is no greater love,
Tread lightly and attend to your back.
With all great love comes the potential for great pain.

There are wonderful rewards wrapped up in great love...
But there is also great comfort to be found ...
Laying in the bed of a more relaxed and friendly love.

Don't pass up one... searching for the other.
Love is not a lost key... to be found by diligent effort.
Open your eyes... open your heart

Love will find a way.

ps. TTFN turns into Fatten when you don't pay attention to the spell checker. :)
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