September 15th, 2006


Friday, September 15

No... Edward is not throttling the cat. :)

It's day three of rain. We get the dirt... but no sod till there's been a couple of days of no-rain. So we wait...

Percy is doing very well... she is, like... 9 weeks old. She uses her litter box (no mistakes yet) and she is terrifically happy. Edward is drop dead in his tracks head over heals in love with this little beast... and Geo is over the moon happy at having a pet.

~ black stripee ftls
~ blue p-z jeans
~ beige t and a red golf shirt (shhh... it's p-z too)
~ ug.. yawning? does yawning count as an Activity?
~ work work...
~ tempted to collect my stuff and take it all home to work. I find the air here is just... well, conducive to feeling like crap!
~ write about survivor at lunch... EXCELLENT show potential. It could still suck... but ... great premise. Love the race card deal.
~ friday night? hahaha... big deal.
~ putting together shelves in the basement...
~ clearing out more of the garage... (finding homes for everything... is very time consuming)
~ 10 days? !!!! 10 DAYS!!!! Ten days till fireflieslie slips into the night and emerges in the land of the chrysanthemum throne, the land of infant emperors and more ways to demure than you can shake a stick at. May your journey to japan... and all you learn there... bring new and exciting definitions to your life. I learned to care about your story when you were just a wee bit of a girl... pushing into her teens with all the classic cute stuff... angst and family challenges that go with that territory... and I have held that thread with a careful grip though what has been six very significant years. (six years!!! imagine!) It is my great pleasure to know you sugar... and I hope to be able to hold that thread ... no matter how distantly it travels. Be safe... and be daring. :)

Birthday moments...
Although it's a tomorrow'birthday... Happy early birthday dear sirenity. May you fulfill dreams and desires and find even greater expression for your wonderful talent. It is my sincere pleasure to share your stories and pictures.

And so it starts...
I had to endure an interview with some smarty pants that went on and on about Killer Boy (Montreal school shooter), his love of guns and his blog... and how "the warning signs were there". And if that rot wasn't bad enough... he goes on to say that ... "there should be some kind of monitoring..." blah blah blah blah...
First of all... there is monitoring already. We've got quite enough of that now... thank you very much.

This was a 25 year old psychopath and he did not become this way by watching television, listening to the radio, reading books, magazines or the internet. First...he's a psychopath... second... he's a consumer in the information age just like the rest of us.
I know a woman... she has expressed not insignificant vanity (um, well deserved, btw) in her blog... and she is - without question - a gun girl... BIG ASS automatic riffles, long guns of every descriptions, licensed to carry a concealed hand gun and if she could I bet she'd strap a pink waterproof glok to her thigh when she goes swimming... is she a crazy person destined to break laws and incite social insanity? Not bloody likely... in fact, she has channeled her intelligence, wisdom and passion into a law enforcement career.
No... Killer boy was defective.
The signs of his broken mind were only visible to a trained professional and, unfortunately, none of them were in attendance.
He committed a terrible act of violence on innocent children and now he's dead.
If anything could have been different, it would be that he lived through this so we could punish and study him... then let the prison population kill him. You know, like we do for pedophiles. Sadly we will get no such satisfaction.
We need a lot of things in this country... in this world...
More "monitoring" is not one of them.

The best...
is something you ought to give,
and not so much something you take.

Time to go. :)

Survivor XIII Update!!

Survivor XIII: Race Wars

Black in Back

Where in... Dom Jeff gets to kick a boat load of wanna-be-rich-and-famous types off a boat in the middle of the ocean. Been there done that... but what's this? Team Ricco is at home on their raft... and the brothers got theirs – but can't paddle... Asia Minor has a little raft and ... whitey stole a chicken. Let's all sing the stereotype song...

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