September 13th, 2006


Wednesday, September 13

My nose is going to spend the next two months getting accustomed to Percy. For now... it's sneeze city!!!

So, we got her from the humaine Society... She was weened off her own mommy, so she's had good mommy-milk... and she's got a wonderful disposition. She's going to be a lovely little kitty, and - I'm sure - a wonderful cat.

Edward is OVER THE MOON. OMG he is going to dote on that cat... :) (it's adorable).

This is soooo the proper time for our boys to have a kitten. It will occupy a lot of their time, develop their responsibilities, and really bring a lot of joy into their world.

It's a rainy day out today... and when I left the house... Percy was nuzzled up in a box in the back hall.. a box beside three different lovely sleeping beds... but noooooo... she wanted the plain cardboard box. |:)

The worker bee's finished grading the property early this morning. We'll see how long it takes to get actual sod on top of it. :) One thing is for sure... it's going to be perfectly GORGEOUS when it's all grassed up. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ gray t, and a beige two tone BUSSDS
~ zoom to work , for a two hour meeting the second I'm through the door. sigh. And I had to actually "think" in this meeting. double sigh. :)
~ to stick a little pin the eye socket of my mike boogie doll.
~ tonight? Play with a little kitty of course... :D
~ that all things stay happy and healthy with out new little Miss Percy. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday meeshsmind! May the year ahead bring you to new and wonderful challenges... and I hope you enjoyed waving goodbye yesterday!! :) have a great day sugar and ... never let go of the hopeless romantic side of you.

My children ask me about the war in Afghanistan... and when I'm done doing my level best to give them a non-alarmist and reasonable "kids" answers to their questions... I curse anew the decisions of our government.
You know... the most common response to "why don't we just leave?" is a combination of "we're not chicken" and "Things would go to hell in a handbasket if we left." Chicken? What are we? in grade 8? and just say'en... to be perfectly clear... how exactly could thing actually be worse? It's as bad as it can be and no matter when we leave... things will get crazy... whether we leave today, tomorrow, next year or next decade... so why postpone the inevitable?

I very much need to replace my car. It's dying. (sad).

/ corto's playground...

you like?

K... see ya.

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Random story...

When I was very little...
My sister came home from our cousins house with a ginger kitten. We called him Ginger.
The kitten had jumped off the doc by the cottage and become 'stuck' under it... where she had meowed herself mute waiting for rescue.
(they tore apart the dock... sigh)

When I was a little older... my Dad brought home a Basengi dog... a pure breed. It had a curled up tail... we called her "fanny"... go figure.
These are a "barkless" hunting dog... They simply do not bark. Cute as hell...lived a good long time and the stories are endless...
But the bottom line is... meowless cat... and a barkless dog.
My brother came home from university with a kitten.
Ginger and Fanny kinda raised her...
... and, you guessed it, she never made a meow... not in our house... not ever.
When she visited the neighbors... she meowed up a storm...
But at home... the pets didn't make noise.

Sweet deal ... :)

note to self: need a percy icon!!! :)
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