September 12th, 2006


Tuesday, September 12

Holy beautiful day? wow!!!
Life is stuff I do when I'm not working on a house-related project. :)
And life is good.
The house-projects are good too... scary in volume... but it's all good.
The evenings have been all about working in the garage. I've built the two work benches and sorted the tools, etc.
Now it's all about putting stuff away that only made it to the garage on move day.
If I get enough cleared out... I'm getting a wood order from home-depot and building big-ass shelves in the back corner to hold the vast amount of "garage crap" that we have to store... :)
The day dawned with a dump truck in my front yard... :)
[ :: giant dump truck picture!!! :: ]

And then dude in the little "grader" started up his tractor and got to work. :)

I got the sod-man on the phone as I drove to work... I asked him about just seeding half the yard... putting the fear in him that I was gonna change my mind. This touched off a convo that ended with him dropping the price by $500... and me doing a big-ass chair dance as I drove to work. :) :D :D :D :D

edit: My poor geo... he has this thing going on with his ankles that is likely just a stage of his physical growth... but for now, it's causing him no end of pain. The ankles are tipped inwards... so flat foot, angled ankle, then straight leg above. It seems to have become a lot worse over this last summer... it was never a problem before but we knew it was a'comming. Now is the "someday you'll have to deal with this" time... Off to doc, x-rays, etc...

~ black ftls
~ dk green trousers
~ black t and a weird shoulder-zipper-long sleeve shirt. :)
~ ack... busy day. !!!
~ talk to guys on tractors on my front lawn...
~ talk to contractor about the sod and soil... negotiate... do the happy dance after the "negotiations".
~ drop Edward at School... Z is taking Geo to the doc (see above).
~ work work work
~ watch BB7 finale tonight... even though my girl Janelle is not going to win... sniff... (hate the boogie... hate hate hate!!)
~ more in the garage... endless work.
~ to thank the stars that all is well with moxielass's family... When you can say "car accident" and "no injuries" in the same sentence... things are good!
~ to extend a hopeful and caring hand to a very distant friend... but a kind heart and wonderful woman... kissekat... I hope you stay away from the blurry stuff. :)
~ for infinitywhisper to have ... more and more days of glory... er... days without smokes. :)
~ and I sure hope clumsy_me gets to feeling a whole lot better. :)

Forget the pain of a city shocked into a global view...
Forget the suffering of entire populations at the hands of a tyrant one day and occupiers the next...
Forget the conspiracy nuts...
Forget the stories that begin with "maybe"...
Forget all about the idea of peace in the middle east... ( a larger joke... does not exist)
But don't for one second discount - or forget - the avarice of the leaders, their cronies and the industrial complex that has never had it so good.

After the war on poverty, war on literacy (haha), war on mad cows, war on terror and all the other wars waged against various nouns... we are left to observe how dramatically they keep getting it wrong. All the wars-on-this-or-that... seem to push the "this-or-that" to greater heights of success.
So I want them to declare a war on big screen plasma televisions... please... :)

As I drive down Carling Avenue on my way to work... and on the way home again... I pass this woman with walkman ears on... who... from all I can tell... is walking to the business park on the edge of Kanata to work. The thing is... where I see her, is way the hell in the middle of BFE. So, bottom line, she takes a serious walk to and from work. Cool and healthy. But what is really amazing... as she's walking ... she's carrying a plastic grocery bag... and as she's walking, she's bending down to pick up the litter discarded from passing cars. So she cleans up as she walks to and from work... EVERY SINGLE DAY.

She deserves a medal.

Danone "Silhouette" smoothie yogurt drinks... are fricking phenomenal ... (strawberry / banana is a big winner)

K... time to be worker boy. :D
See ya.