September 10th, 2006


Sunday, September 10

So yesterday was all about the job jar... d'uh...
And a great, but quick, visit from an past co-worker-guy... and most of his family.
We spent an ungodly amount of time in stores looking at bar-stools.
Clearly I need a prophet to tell me which ones to buy.

We had big family dinner at Red Lobster!!!
Big family pig out is more like it.
Edward demolished a plate of snow crab legs. WOW. (and OMG was he ever having a blast eating it).
And a shrimp extravaganza over on my end of the trough. :)
Oh, and I had a bizarre and wonderful moment of "life is fun" when a lovely young woman stopped to say;
"I know you!!!... from... livejournal!"
I got to meet one of the many Megan's on my f-list.
Megs... you are so tiny. :) It was a treat to meet you sugar.

We cruised Zellers for birthday prezzi's for a kids b-day gig next weekend...
Geo and go the evil stare for riding the skateboards up the aisles. :D :D hahaha...

Ok... today is beautiful and I'm gonna go out and play. :)
See ya.

~ black ftls
~ ripped blue jeans
~ comfy gray t
~ digging about in my mucky yard...
~ building the rest of the second work bench in the garage
~ dinner at my folks house...
~ MUST REMEMBER TO return movies today... ack.
~ that the many football fan-addicts on my list enjoy the opening salvos in modern gladiator games
~ that sirenity gets to hand her pics in a coffee shop "art show" some day soon...
~ to keep on making little quiet wishes about things for my favorite veeta... er.. nerdular
~ and to smile at hisbeauty... you've been the rocket girl lately sugar-laur... go you.

birthday moments...
From yesterday, a happy birthday wish into the air for a long lost bardiva. I hope all is well where ever you are and that the smiles run deep.
And for a slightly less vanished stuckinkansas... I hope the summer has been grand and that your b-day is peaceful. :)

I am in a quandary thinking about ... eavestroughing.
There is a school of thought that says ...
"Don't put it in...
you're lawn and gardens like the even distribution of water...
and with Canadian winters, the lawn definitely hates downspout water concentration."

So there's the notion of landscaped water drainage lines along the "drip lines" off the roof. They can look quite nice with underground drainage and little riverstone paths alone the house edges.

I'm curious if anyone out there knows anything on this subject.
My ears are wide open here.

I'm thinking of a combination job of eaves and drip lines...
(part of what I'm doing outside today... think think think think)


OH Look... DIRT!
So the builders include 500 square feet of sod... professionally installed with excellent top soil.
But dude... 500 square feet... is a toe nail.
That's 10 feet around the house, except in the front where you can go to town with 20 whole feet.
This all leads to much talk on Saturday morning with farmer-turned-very-successful-sod-business-man-to-the-stars*.
I need to have him dig out the trees that were encroached by fill when they pushed crap around our yard...
Bring in ... like, dump trucks full of top soil... and a soccer pitch of sod. Finish the front yard and the sides...
We'll grow clover is the rest of the back yard...
Oh, and add some clear gravel and riverstone for a draining thing because this isn't complicated enough yet.

* ok, so maybe not "stars" per se, but all the yards for this builder including ours, and I'm pretty vain, so yeah... stars.