September 8th, 2006


Friday, September 8

We've been in our new house... for one month, today. :)

Wake up to dump trucks and little tractors. :)
They're bringing in the soil. And Rogers still hasn't been by to bury their cable. Of course, it would likely have been a good idea to have called rogers about this... before now. sigh.
I'm actually on the phone (on hold) as I type... with the cable burying guys at Rogers. :)
Sod will be coming in next week.
Now I have to decide if I want another 100x100 feet of soil to be brought in... ahhhhhhh! ($$)

It's sunny and ... well, "glorious" is a good word for it, outside. The weather morons are calling for Rain and Thunderstorms... but for now... sunshine. :)

The network at work seems to have settled down... so people are back to working ... instead of wandering around complaining.
This is good. :)

~ black ftls
~ blue p-z jeans...
~ blue b.u.m. BUSSDS and a blue t.
~ up ... then pass out again. (ahh!)
~ up again at 7:20. (30 minutes later and 20 minutes behind schedule).
~ meet with landscapers on front lawn for a few minutes.
~ shower, dress, feed kids, get to work ... and here I am!
~ work work work
~ MAKE THE DEAL to get two new cell phones and kiss my messed up phone good bye. (ps. I wish I could just buy whatever phone I wanted... that would be sweet. But, alas... earwax... one must try to stay inside the budget boundaries).
~ tonight? no plans, but there is no end to the number and nature of the jobs in the job-jar!!
~ for kristylicious ... to absolutely love every moment of the life she's building for herself. And that she enjoys waving goodbye to the day job. :)
~ that my friend across the ocean has a good sense of humour (and I know you do Ayoub... or I'd never joke like that... :D)
~ and for something really good... to sneak in and wrap itself around kaylee. Goodness knows she deserves a little break yo!!! :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little Bling. :) Have fun racing around, bumping into things, cursing hardwood, and chewing at itchy spots on your tummy. :)
A very happy birthday to little texan haela. :D I hope you have a wonderful birthday sugar... and that the year ahead keeps you healthy, happy and ever closer to friends and family. :)
And a big big happy birthday to Heather... (mzbean). May all your days and nights be filled with the joy of being the mommy to little bradely and darling Olivia. (and I hope the hard times are quickly forgotten). smooch. You are a forever-treasure sweet Heather. I hope a trip to PEI puts me on your doorstep someday. :) :) :)

The whole Cell Phone industry ... mind boggling. For example: Samsung makes about 50 phones. In Ottawa we have to choose from four service providers (in general... I know there's more but their weird and bit players). Each provider has "some" samsung phones and none of them have them all.
The line up breaks down ... for all companies... LG, Motorolla, etc... into two categories. Flat phones or clam shell phones. The "flat phones" are nice. Less work to answer, deal, etc. But unless you have money to burn... you have to take a crummy phone to get a "phlat phone". Reasonable money gets you a pretty good clam-shell phone. I want to get two of the same phones ... so suz and I can share chargers etc. I wonder if this is a good idea. :( Perhaps they'll have the phone I'm picking in two colors? (Likely not). We'll see.

A moment of pain can be read from a lonely tear slipping away from tired eyes.
Just as joy is painted in the little lines that carve out an expression of happiness.
But a lifetime of misery can hide behind all of that...
sneaking out past the masks as a small shadow in the eyes.
May light find it's way into your darkest corner.

k. time to go. :)
see ya.
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House Update!!

The Last House Update

I mean... I'll make a virtual tour, and I'm all about sharing...
but the "Casa de Corto" web page, dedicated to the process
of building this dream... is at the end of it's mandate. :)

So here it is... the last update on the wonderful, although wickedly challenging, experience of building a house.

And the [ :: final little video :: ]

You can click through to [ :: Casa de Corto Web :: ] and then click into the gallery to see the most recent pictures in 800x600. :) and you can click any of the videos in the archive.

For now... here is a smaller format review of the most recent pictures. :)

This is called the "hot and cold" image gallery. :) An image with and without a flash.

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