September 7th, 2006


Thursday, September 7

Fog... often just sits there. If I lived on a coast line, I suppose I'd know different... but from my memories, fog is usually just a layer of white fluffyness that settles over the low lying zones and eventually burns away. This morning... on the drive... there was vast rolling waves of fog rolling across the fields, houses, and roads in the Bayshore area... I could see it growing on Lake Deschene as I drove along Carling... but to see it blowing across the road was kinda cool.

We watched V-Vendetta last night.
Well... we watched the first 30 minutes of it... then I watched the rest with a sleeping girl stretched out across the sofa. :)
I totally loved the story. I was sure I had it... when she was snatched and imprisoned and I was happy to be right... but the story... taken from the pages of an older graphic novel... is scary in it's reflection of todays near-term future fear zone. Trippy.

~ more blue ftls
~ dk green trousers
~ black t and the tommy sweater I started yesterday in (but I retreated to pj pants and a sweat shirt for the "work at home" day).
~ wait for electrician that didn't show up.
~ wait for duct installers that didn't show up...
~ go to work
~ call other eavestroughing company for another quote...
~ work work work work...
~ BB7 tonight. Second last show. Tuesdays was easily the most trippy show of the season.
~ to send a few hugs out to danicia... just 'cuz.
~ that my favorite Ewt (ewtikins) manages to feel a whole lot better. :)
~ to send crossed fingers and toes to shannihilation and hope for her to find all the luck she needs today...
~ and for libragirl_77 to smile through the heartache of her little kids growing up so very fast. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a beautiful and remarkable woman... catherine. While you appear somewhat taller in pictures, I will forever hold the memory seeing that you're not basketball tall, of having lunch together, and getting to squeeeeeze Connor, as great treasures. You have made a wonderful family and wishing for you and all of Team Catherine to have a healthful and happy year is easy peasy... Enjoy your birthday sugar-cath... and may there be no end of reasons-to-smile as your calendar rips away pages this year.
And to ca_blondi... Happy birthday sugar-dawn. You've achieved to much in the last year ... and a great deal of that is wrapped up in you becoming the woman-in-charge-of-you!!! I wish for you... the greatest of happiness as you slip on the long boots, smile at your hubby and darling little girls, and march out into the world with the confidence you've so clearly earned.

There is nothing quite so touching... and quite so humorous... as the line of mommy (and daddy) cars that follow - from a safe distance - the big yellow school bus transporting first-day-on-the-buss junior kindergarten kiddies to their home away from home.

After listening to the builders tell us we were out of luck... and after the lawyers told us they thought we were barking up an empty tree... we got some great news from our accountants today... The Federal government changed one of the taxes they charge us, effective as of June 30 or something like that. The GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a hugely controversial tax in Canada, however it's all part of the tax party that funds the endless excess of government so whatever... but the bottom line is that they changed it from 7 to 6%.... and the good news is that we are eligable for a 1% rebate from Revenue Canada on our house purchase price. ... That's a big flippen deal. :) wee...

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Line from this song...

"you can buy your friends...
but I'll hate you for free."

Kind of an awsome lyric, IMHO! :)
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