September 5th, 2006


Tuesday, September 5

OMFG!!!! My foot is so fricking sore... ahhhhh!
It's the arch ... or the front of the arch. It's not like "Oh, that spot is sore"... it's more like my whole foot is just one big ache-y-breaky-foot.
I'm all about limping and lurching around like a peg legged pirate. (arggg... [ :: International Talk Like A Pirate Day :: ] is September 19... Dude... I remembered that date. I can't remember any of the birthdays in my family (save my dads) for the life of me... but I manage to pull September 19th out as ITLAP day. Sheesh. I'd be insulted if I was related to me... but fortunately, I'm not... related to me that is. I mean... you're not related to yourself unless you are perhaps a clone but ... we don't don't clone anything but sheep and dogs so far, so we're good. I'm definitely not related to me... I am me!! :)

Now that the long weekend is behind us... it's sunny and lovely. Geezus.

As I type... there are electricians and other sundry "handy men" in our house with Suzanne... all working towards the goal of getting our flipping range... our "slide in" range... to slide all the way in. If it's not "the granite is too narrow"... it's "the power plugs bump into one another" or "the gas lines are bumping"... gah!!! enough already. FIX IT.

Having photographs of ... every square inch of this house while it was a wooden frame... is paying off huge. It's great to look inside a wall before you drill holes in it. :)

We had home made pizza last night and watched the movie "RV' with the kids. Lots of laughs. Stupid movie... but lots of laughs. :) (The kids laughed huge... but - fyi - "Benchwarmers" was one of the biggest laughs these kids have had from the movie rental zone in ages. I recommend that other stupid movie (benchwarmers) if you have young'ens. :D

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ black t with a beige two tone shirt...
~ Up extra early... shower and wake the kids. Now, considering I DIDN'T SLEEP AT ALL LAST NIGHT (sore foot), this was kinda hard. :)
~ Suz got up and was ready to zoom the kids to school while I took off to work.
~ It's client time-sheet day... so I'm doing a little "rationalizing" of my burn rate compared to the number of days I have overall for this contract... and I have to say, it's all looking really good. :D :D :D :D :D :D (<-- that's me doing many big smiles)
~ big brother tonight!!! :)
~ and... if I'm lucky... Z and I will watch "V-vendetta" tonight. :)
~ to smile at geekgrrrl... because she's a good girl... and deserves to have her hard work rewarded. :)
~ for nbbmom to feel... a whole lot better, and right away!!!

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday (wohoo... 3-0) to justholly. It's all about reaching for your prime sugar... six years to go!! :) Have a lovely day and I hope the people in your life let you celebrate and appreciate this birthday to the fullest. May the year ahead bring you many happy surprises.

Through out history ... and not just modern history... Afghanistan has been the country foreigners successfully invade... and utterly fail to evacuate. Canada and all the other losers in the War On A Noun is well and truly fucked in Afghanistan. I'm all about trying to not swear as much in my public posts... but when it comes to this subject... there is no avoiding the F word.
Dear Mr. Harper (Canada's Prime Minister):
Just how many of our kids have to be killed in this ill conceived war before you consider it a bust?
The "taliban"... and the "al queda" bozo's have already relocated to Pakistan. So now we're all stuck in Afghanistan for no good reason but while we're there we're going to subdue the entire population? (WTF???) And um... when are we invading and occupying Pakistan??

How is it that our provincial government is literally claiming poverty and cutting (slashing) public education and special needs instruction budgets... yet trumpeting a 300 million dollar budget surplus the very next day? Perhaps I just don't understand public administration and budgets well enough but it sure sounds RIDICULOUS to me.

It's never too late to let yourself remember that there is no prize at the end for being right all the time.
And ... truth be told... there are several costs to that kind of behavior that you may not enjoy paying.
Just say'en.

Time to jet.
sea yah.
ya see. :)
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