September 3rd, 2006


Sunday, September 3

So yesterday ... was hilarious.
But back to friday... friday night was a visit from my bro and his wife... dinner on the porch and we all (kids too) watched "8 Below" (bad acting... that too-fast-too-furious guy is... just a dog when it comes to acting) but a great story. :)
Saturday dawned with rain a'plenty... but we had chores. !! We took off to look at some "specialty" stores for bathroom hardware... home to meet the "central vacuum" sales guy. This went well, with a nice price negotiation... and my decision to install it all myself. (sigh).

Then the fun...
Suz and I headed out to Canadian Tire while geo played at a friends and my nephew was over getting help re-installing his pc and watching Ed. When we pulled into C-T... they had a big ol'cage area and a "garage sale" sign. Two little C-T sales pimples were in the cage taking money. I looked at 60$ laser level - picture hanging thing and said "I'll give you 20$". Surprise surprise... he's like "sure". So I look at these boxed giant work bench things they have stacked up... $250... and I say "I'll give you 25$ for one of those..." and HE'S LIKE "SURE". So I say... how about 2 for 40? Again with the "sure". Wohooooo!!! two sweet work benches ... $500 worth of useful, for 40$ hahahaha.
Ok, so we shop C-T for a bit and then on the way out... a mini van pulls up, two 20-somethings hop out and set up "insta-tent" and START HANDING OUT FREE CASES OF BEER.... "Just fill out our little survey and prove you're over 18 and bingo." C-T management came out chucked them off the property... but we got our free six pack.
So, just because the stars were aligned... we stopped at this fabulous chip wagon to buy fries for boys at home... and the dude was like "sorry, we're out of fries... but here's a free poutine."
We made out like fricking bandits yesterday. :)

I spent from ... 9:00 to 4:00 am installing the flipping central vac. Dropping the glue and smashing the bottle and scraping up what-I-could-cuz-I-really-needed-it... took a good hour of the process but otherwise, most of the time was spent either drilling one big ass hole (2 1/8") or being a perfectionist. But it's done and it rocks out big. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ very old, ripped, blue jeans
~ long sleeve old-navy shirt... it's... well, brrrrrr outside.
~ sleeeeeeeeeep in. :)
~ did that. (weee)
~ vacuum... using the new central vacuum system... (check me out!! :D see pics below)
~ another shopping run... this time for en suite hardware, like a towel bar.
~ return a drill to canadian tire... buy a drill from somewhere else (need a corded "side" or "angle" drill)
~ assemble new work benches...
~ to smile over at dana7880 and wish her many more years of happy!! :D
~ for all things eye ball related to be just wonderful for jloopy (You must tell me more!!! Suz has been wondering about doing that for ages!!)
~ and that kaleidoscopeeye had a great time at the beach. :)

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday out to dear pageeater... May the days that sneak past you ... carry wonderful moments or memory. You're a treasure and I do so very much hope you have a lovely birthday and a grand year ahead. :)

Go visit Linda-lee's jewelery web site!!! (lindalee_)!!! Beautiful stuff!
[ :: Her web site :: ]

The vacuum story in pictures...
Stuff... lots of little bits and pieces.

That hole... and wire... that's the end of "Roughed in Central Vac" as per the builders. The rest is up to the homeowner.

So I start by putting the vac on the wall...

And spend forever getting a hole drilled through the joist.

That's the "roughed in" kick plate under a cupboard in the kitchen. Sweep to it, kick it... and it sucks at floor level. Way cool.

And the results...

Kinda makes me want a gerbil. :D

Run little gerbil... run...

Final... and nice quiet muffler on it!! :)

k... todays project...
The new workbenches. :)

See ya.
(oh, and promise a lovely house update soon... :D)